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The Anam Dips Guests in Chocolate

Travellers craving a chocolate fix in Vietnam’s hottest new destination Cam Ranh are in for a real treat. 

Five-star beachfront resort the Anam has joined forces with boutique chocolate maker Fifty Fresh Farms, located in the nearby countryside, to launch an indulgent half-day tour dedicated to everything Vietnamese chocolate.

Suited to chocolate lovers of all ages, the “Vietnamese Chocolate Factory Tour” kicks off with a short educational session about the rich history of “the food of the gods”, stretching back some 4000 years, and its relatively new production in Vietnam.

Guests then inspect a mini cacao farm brimming with cacao trees, from which cocoa beans are harvested to make chocolate, before embarking on a tour of Fifty Fresh Farms’ factory that produces 100 kilograms of chocolate daily.

Although chocolate lovers won’t see Willy Wonka, they will witness, step by step, how the beans morph into chocolate. The process starts with the separation and roasting of the beans that are then ground into a cocoa liquid later mixed and tempered before the chocolate takes shape.

Budding chocolate makers don torques and aprons and try their hand at a 40-minute “masterclass”. During the additional 40 minutes it takes for their concoctions to solidify, guests indulge a degustation of milk, white and dark chocolates as well as truffles, bonbons, dried fruits covered in chocolate, hot chocolate and brewed cacao at Fifty Fresh Farms’ tasting room.

The experience wraps up with guests taking the chocolates they crafted in the class away with them in a named gift box and returning to the Anam, a 10-minute drive away.

“As the adage goes, anything is good if it’s made of chocolate,” said the Anam’s founder and owner Pham Van Hien. “We’re introducing a one-of-a-kind experience to our guests that’s educational, fun, and downright delicious, with a chocolate maker priding itself on natural products, fair trading and supporting local farmers to develop sustainable farming methods.”

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