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The Pizza Company debuts a new experience! Serving up Korean-style “Crunchy Itaewon Pizza” Available at all outlets nationwide

The Pizza Company has created a sensation to spark a new trend in the pizza industry, with the debut of new flavour toppings in the campaign “Korean Hit.” Korea is being served to a table near you in the form of the new “Crunchy Itaewon Pizza” with super bacon topping.

The pizza highlights premium bacon alternating with giant pineapple chunks to give deliciousness squared on a new and unique “corndog crust.” Enjoy it all with the double sauce of tomato ketchup and sour cream, available from now onward, starting at only 359 baht. There are also pork and spicy chicken offerings on the new medium-sized corndog crust, and the brand-new medium “Super Bacon Corndog” at 439 baht. These are supported by three exciting new pizzas available only in-store or to take away: “Cheesy Spicy Chicken,” “Cheesy Spicy Pork Ribs” and “Crispy Tonkatsu Shrimp.” The line is aimed at the younger generation and working people who are fans of Korean-style food, while the Korean Hit campaign is expected to generate sales of 80 MB.

Mr Panusak Suesatboon, General Manager of The Pizza Company, under the operation of The Minor Food Group Public Company Limited. said that surveys of consumer behavior had revealed that “Korea Fever” is still influential and popular among the Thai public. This encompasses fandom for artists, singers, actors and hit TV series, to fashion and Korean food culture. Korean soft power is gradually working its way into the daily lives of Thai people, very clearly visible from the trend of growth in Korean restaurants which is still on the up. With this in mind, The Pizza Company is latching onto Korea Fever by combining it with leadership of the pizza business. The result is a debut to create an unusual new phenomenon for pizza lovers and Korean food fans, of tasty new experiences with the campaign “Korean Hit”. A new topping has been launched under the name “Crunchy Itaewon Pizza” mixing up a popular Korean street food, the corn dog, to create a pizza crust redolent of Korea, together with the brand’s special duo sauce recipe. Three more pizzas are joining in the fun on this campaign, which is a challenge for the brand to simultaneously reach consumers who are fans of Korean food and pizzas.

The highlighted dish is “Crunchy Itaewon Pizza” with a topping of super bacon. This pizza highlights premium bacon dripping with cheese and jumbo pineapple chunks giving a satisfying alternating taste sensation. Satisfaction squared is provided by the latest crust from The Pizza Company, the corn dog. Diced potato fries give extra crunchiness to a crust filled with hot dog sausages and cheese. Everything is enhanced with a special sauce recipe for Korean Hit, a double sauce of tomato ketchup and sour cream, making the pizza irresistible. The new hit flavors are being served up from today onward at every outlet of The Pizza Company for only 359 baht. There are also pork and spicy chicken pizza toppings on the new medium-sized corndog crust, and the brand-new medium “Super Bacon Corndog” at 439 baht, available both dine-in and take away. They are convenient and easy to order through The Pizza Company 1112 app, by calling 1112, or from the website www.1112.com .

There are also 3 exciting new pizza toppings in the Korean style on the way: “Cheesy Spicy Chicken,” which is Chick-A-Boom chicken, crispy fried in its special sauce and covered with cheese, and excellent taste for only 179 baht, followed by “Cheesy Spicy Pork Ribs”, premium pork ribs grilled to perfection that melt in your mouth, with a spicy taste and covered thickly with cheese, eaten together with crispy French fries for 219 baht, and finally, “Crispy Tonkatsu Shrimp,” prawns fried to unique tasty crispiness on the inside with a special sweet and spicy sauce, total tastiness for only 119 baht.

“For the launch of our Korean Hit campaign, the brand expects ‘Crunchy Itaewon Pizza’ and its Korean Hit siblings to be a new interesting alternative and a new taste sensation for consumers. We believe the campaign will be welcomed by young consumers and working people who love Korean-style food. It will address consumer behavior in Thailand which has increasingly turned to favor Korean food. It will also provide remarkable new alternatives on existing pizza topping flavors. The brand is delivering greater choice to consumers, because on top of pizzas, the store offers a diverse range of dishes and beverages to order which cover the needs of every consumer. Ordering through the app is easy, convenient and quick, or they can dine-in at The Pizza Company restaurants. This campaign is expected to generate sales of 80 MB,” concluded Mr Panusak.

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