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The Slate showcases the ancient tradition of Sak Yant tattoo art, as revered Ajarn Boo Bangphra takes up residency

The Slate, the whimsical beachfront resort that blends the beauty of Phuket with the industrial echoes of its past, is inviting guests to discover a timeless reminder of their Southeast Asian vacation when it hosts Ajarn Boo Bangphra, the famous Sak Yant Thai tattoo artist, for an exclusive three-month residency.The Slate understands that today’s modern luxury travellers are searching for transformative encounters and learning moments that broaden their outlook on life. It takes pride in introducing guests to authentic local activities, such as Muay Thai boxing, Thai massage, local cooking classes and more.

Ajarn Boo’s residency at The Slate will run from 28th January to 10th April 2020. During these dates, guests have the unique opportunity to book a private session with this legendary tattoo master. All sessions will be hosted at the Coqoon Spa, The Slate’s serene wellness centre which is woven into the tropical landscape. Celebrity customers who feature Ajarn Boo’s work on their bodies include Derrick Rose, the NBA basketball star, and famous Thai film stars such as Nadech Kugimiya and Attapanyapol Poolaphat.

Sak Yant is an ancient practice that dates back thousands of years and is an intrinsic element of Buddhist culture. It is more than just body art; it is rooted in the religious and cultural heritage of Thailand. Each design focuses on prayers, symbols and geometric patterns, which help to protect and bestow good fortune upon the wearer.

Due to their deeply spiritual connotations, these tattoos can only be inked by Buddhist monks. Ajarn Boo served as a novice monk at Wat Bang Phra temple in Nakhon Chaisi, Nakhon Pathom province, where he learned his craft from Ajarn Somchai, one of the most celebrated tattoo masters of the 20th Century. With extraordinary dedication and considerable natural talent, Ajarn Boo rose to become a master in his own right.

Ajarn Boo has gained a global following for his intricate and auspicious body art. Each tattoo is inked by hand in the time-honoured technique, using a khem sak – a long wooden stick tipped with a stylus. Guests can choose from a large selection of designs including more than 20 famous patterns, to ensure that they receive the personalised symbols that best suit their identity.

At the end of the creative process, the artist recites a chant, blows good luck on to the tattoo, lays a piece of gold leaf on the skin and showers the design with water. This promises an intensely spiritual experience and the perfect way for guests to commemorate their life-changing adventure in Asia.

“It is an honour and a privilege to have Ajarn Boo reside with us and showcase his skill at The Slate. One of the world’s leading tattooists, he creates truly exquisite designs that help to preserve an ancient Thai tradition and passes it down to future generations. We are delighted to give our guests the rare opportunity to adorn their bodies with Ajarn Boo’s work. Travel is a profoundly personal journey that expands our minds and stays in our souls forever; Ajarn Boo’s body art will give our guests a beautiful memento of their time in Thailand that they will be able to treasure forever,” said Krystal Prakaikaew Na-Ranong, Managing Director at The Slate.

Tattoo prices start from THB10,000 depending on the size and complexity of the design. To book a session, guests can either dial +66 76 327 066 extension 5 to speak to The Slate’s Concierge Team or extension 6 to contact the Coqoon Spa. People can also book a tattoo session with Ajarn Boo on the hotel’s website at https://www.theslatephuket.com/experiences/sak-yant-tattoo.html.

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