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Too strong to resist! Burger King’s ‘Black and Pink Burger’ Returns, Delighting Burger Enthusiasts and Strengthening the Essence of Being a Restaurant Catering to All Generations

Burger King, the iconic American burger brand, is evolving into a “Restaurant as a Future,” addressing the diverse needs of consumers. This transformation encompasses innovations in burger recipes and a broader menu selection, paired with exceptional service and extensive nationwide expansion.The Black and Pink Burger, a menu item that was once a citywide sensation, has made a return. Featuring a dual-color, dual-style burger, this offering is designed to delight the palates of the new generation, or New Gen, at an affordable price point. Get ready to embark on a flavorful journey at Burger King starting on September 14, 2023.

Mr. Tanawat Damnernthong, General Manager of Burger (Thailand) Co., Ltd., pointed out that today’s consumer behavior reflects a diverse range of needs. They are craving innovation and are increasingly willing to invest in products and services that align with their desires, seeking satisfaction through novel and unique experiences. Burger King, as an undisputed leader in the burger market, has established a significant presence as a long-standing QSR (Quick-Service Restaurant) in Thailand. With a vision to become a cherished brand for individuals of all genders and age groups, Burger King remains committed to the continuous evolution and adaptation of its business models. This dedication is aimed at aligning with today’s lifestyles and fostering customer engagement, allowing consumers to partake in shared experiences with the brand. Throughout its journey, Burger King has consistently evolved its menu to cater to the preferences of Thai consumers. Not only has it prioritized friendly customer service, but it has also focused on the aesthetics of its outlets to expand its customer base in Thailand to reach out to new target demographics. Burger King has also launched trendy marketing campaigns that address evolving consumer needs and deliver the ideal dining experience to consumers.Burger King has consistently delighted customers with innovative offerings like the Chocolate King, the world’s first burger bun crafted from Hershey’s chocolate ingredients. This unique creation generated a widespread buzz, enticing everyone to experience its novelty. Additionally, the introduction of the Ghost Burger with its distinctive black charcoal bread during the Halloween festival added an intriguing element to the menu. Furthermore, Burger King’s latest campaign, ‘The Real Burger,’ has taken the online world by storm. Examples like ‘The Real Cheeseburger,’ featuring 20 slices of cheese, and ‘The Real Meat Burger,’ containing 100 pieces of beef, have also ignited a viral buzz.These efforts align perfectly with Burger King’s iconic slogan, “Have it your way,” emphasizing the idea that the most delectable burgers are those with customizable ingredients according to each customer’s preferences across the entire menu. Through this marketing approach, Burger King has successfully broadened its customer base by over 50%.

Building on past success, Burger King is proceeding with precise marketing and effective communication with the target audience. Drawing insights from social media surveys, Burger King has reintroduced beloved menu items like the “Black and Pink Burger,” reinvigorating the burger industry with a burst of color and excitement. This comes with a distinctive concept, “Either mode is delicious,” which cleverly combines variations in the appearance and flavor of burgers to offer a fresh and affordable burger-eating experience. It is specifically tailored to resonate with the new generation of consumers seeking innovation in their dining choices.The “Black and Pink Burger” burger series features the Black Burger or Black Whopper Jr., offering a delectable burger with robust meat flavors. Alternatively, customers have the choice of pork paired with a bold black pepper sauce, available at the enticing price of 149 baht. Additionally, the Pink BurgerPink Fish Burger, and Alaska Pollock Fish Burger showcase a large piece of fish crisply fried to perfection. The burger is generously adorned with a full slice of cheese and crowned with a special cocktail sauce, all for an affordable price of only 79 baht.

“However, we firmly believe that reintroducing the Black and Pink Burger menu will once again receive a positive response and stimulate our sales. This move also aligns with our goal of expanding our customer base, particularly among the New Gen group. The Black and Pink Burger menu will be available for purchase at every Burger King branch in Thailand, except for airport and tourist-oriented branches, starting from September 14, 2023,” concluded Tanawat.

For more detailed information, visit www.burgerking.co.th. You can also stay updated and engage with Burger King Thailand on their Facebook at Burger King Thailand.

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