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Tops and FamilyMart stimulate spending in the J Festival 2022 with a parade of vegan products and ingredients offering delicious flavors and a wide variety

To reaffirm its position as the leader of food experiences, Tops, Central Food Hall, and FamilyMart under Central Retail brings delicious flavors and good merits during the J Festival 2022 with delicious vegan food products, ingredients, and affordable ready-to-eat vegan food starting from only 25 baht, from today to October 4, 2022, with special promotions and discounts, such as free discount coupons worth 260 baht in total when spending 600 baht or more per receipt.<

The J Festival is an important tradition that dates back more than 400 years. It is a big festival in Thailand among Chinese Thais, as it is a time to make merits and stop meat consumption. The festival takes place from the eve of the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar, and continues until the ninth day of the month. This year, the J Festival takes place during September 26 – October 4, 2022. Tops, as the #1 food retailer with a wide variety of quality products, organizes a J Festival campaign to meet the needs of customers who seek quality vegan food and ingredients at great prices throughout the festival.

The freshest vegan food and ingredients have been chosen for this occasion, including vegetables and fruits, to cater to those who want to cook their own food at home. For those who eat on the go or lead a rushed lifestyle, there are also ready-to-eat vegan meals to enjoy during the day, and freshly baked vegan bakery for busy mornings from THE BAKER, such as baguette, sourdough, ciabatta, wholewheat buns with vegan vegetable fillings, and wholewheat buns with vegan red pork fillings. In addition to the healthy wholewheat buns, health lovers also shouldn’t miss vegan pumpkin cake and vegan chocolate almond cake, made with healthy ingredients for everyone.

For lunch and dinner, enjoy freshly cooked vegan meals with more than 40 dishes to choose from at participating Tops Market and Tops SUPERSTORE, such as spicy deep fried vegan larb, restaurant-style stir-fried five nuts, vegan roasted duck spicy curry, vegan pork knuckle with mushroom, vegan green curry, vegan Hong Kong noodles, My Choice vegan fish maw, and affordable vegan dishes for only 25 baht.

For those who want to stock up, Tops Vegan Fried Rice, Tops Vegan Baked Rice Berry with Taro, Tops Emperor Vegan Fried Noodles, and Tops Vegan Krapao with Rice, are offered at only 39 baht each, or only 110 baht for three boxes at any Tops and FamilyMart. FamilyMart customers can also purchase special priced pairs such as Favory Tao Suan paired with 500ml Minere water, Favory Vegan Fried Rice paired with 600ml Nestle Pure Life water.

In addition to excellent food and ingredients, this J Festival will also be more exciting than ever with famous eateries and dessert cafes offering vegan dishes at selected Tops Market and Central Food Hall, such as Baan Chantima, Krua Srichand, Krua Lublae, Khao Kaeng Mae Thongsuk, Khao Kaeng Donwai, Ah Kong Homemade Authentic Vegan Food, Pa Tew Chili Paste, Sawasdee Fried Tofu, Babin Baan Bang Sue, Pla Krim Khai Tao Boran, and Khanom Thai Donwai, during September 25 – October 4, 2022.

There are many attractive promotions to indulge customers. Get free discount coupons worth 260 baht in total when spending 600 baht or more per receipt at any Tops Market, Tops SUPERSTORE, Tops Online, Tops Food Hall and Central Food Hall. Get cash coupons worth up to 50 baht when purchasing participating soy milk, almond milk, and grain milk products. The promotions are from today to October 4, 2022.

Read more about conditions of promotions and details at  www.tops.co.th, Facebook TopsThailand, Central Food Hall, FamilyMart Thailand or LINE @TopsThailand and @FamilyMart Thailand.

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