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Tops Reveals Top 5 Korean Favorites at Iconic Must-Haves Event

K-Culture, or Korean culture, has been popular in Thailand for a long time and continues to grow, especially Korean food, which is highly favored by Thais. This is evident from the booming trend in Korean food businesses. Tops, a food business under Central Retail and an expert in sourcing the best quality products from around the world, is delivering a special K-Food experience to its customers with the ‘Discover Iconic Korean Must-haves!’ event. Featuring over 1,500 consumer goods and iconic items from leading brands in Korea, customers can shop to their hearts’ content and savor authentic Korean flavors as if they were in the heart of Seoul. The event runs from today until 11 June 2024 at participating Tops and Tops Food Hall branches.

At the Discover Iconic Korean Must-haves! event, Tops embraces the Korean trend and caters to shoppers who love Korean products by offering an extensive parade of food and exclusive items from top brands. Leading the way are five product categories that have always been popular among Thais, carefully selected to deliver a world-class experience without the need for pre-orders or long-distance travel, exclusively at Tops!

  • Snacks and Beverages: Popular gifts that anyone visiting South Korea would bring back. Explore a variety of exclusive snacks, selected for their superior taste quality, all gathered in the Snacker zone. Leading the pack is No Brand, the number-one snack brand from Korea, available only at Tops. Items include famous Cheddar Cheese Balls, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Protein Bar Mini with Chocolate-Glazed Almonds, Vanilla Mini Wafer, Corn Sweet Cereal, PEACOCK’s Real Dark Chocolate Cookie Crunchy, Shrimp Rice Chips, Lotte Original Flavored Corn Snacks, and Binggrae, the renowned Korean milk brand with a variety of flavors to choose from.
  • K-Drama Popular Menus: Korean instant ramyeon, a must for K-drama fans! Enjoy popular dishes easily at home. For the first time in Thailand, YouUs Jumbo Noodle, a giant 729g instant noodle in authentic Korean flavor, is available exclusively at Tops. Also featured are Samyang Mala Ramyeon, Samyang Vegetarian Ramyeon, Pulmuone Chilled Korean Jjamppong Noodles, and many more.
  • Side Dishes and Premium Ingredients: Enhance every meal with premium Korean ingredients. Create special Korean dishes at home with high-quality essentials like Pulmuone Vegan Tofu from quality soybeans, Organic White Tofu with Sauce, Frozen Fermented Soybeans, and Spicy Vegan Korean Kimchi, perfect for health-conscious individuals. There are also famous frozen food items ideal for the whole family, such as COOK-TOK’s various flavors of chewy, sticky Tteokbokki with rich sauce, and SAJO’s frozen minced pork dumplings.
  • Fresh Seafood from the Best Sources: Enjoy the freshness of seafood directly from Korean seas without the long flight. Tops has selected seafood from quality sources, ensuring fresh, unique produce from the vast ocean like Abalone from Jeju Island, caught using traditional fishing methods by female divers known as Haenyeo, who are recognized as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO since 2017, Yellowtail king fish with its distinctive pinkish white flesh, Scallops from Donghae, and Korean Octopus Tentacles.
  • Exclusive Beauty Items Imported from Olive Young: The leading beauty product store with branches throughout South Korea. Perfect for beauty enthusiasts who love shopping for Korean beauty items, featuring popular items available exclusively at Tops. Products include BRINGGREEN Tea Tree Cica Soothing Cream Plus, skincare items like Bamboo Hyalu Hydrating Toner, ROUND A’ROUND’s Forest Scented Body Mist Unknown Cloud known for its long-lasting fragrances, and Korea’s top-selling skincare brands like CIRCLOGY and EUNYUL.

Special! After shopping for the most popular Korean products, Tops also serves up delicious ready-to-eat Korean dishes at wallet-friendly prices. Enjoy Kimchi Soup with Egg Tofu, Cheese Chicken Sausage Corn Dog, and Bulgogi Pork Rice Bowl. Additionally, customers are invited to savor authentic Korean flavors with three Korean dishes from Tops Eatery, crafted by expert chefs: Gochujang Stir-Fried Pork Rice Bowl, Gochujang
Stir-Fried Beef Rice Bowl, and Rosé Tteokbokki, for a delightful shopping and dining experience just like being in Seoul, South Korea.

Discover iconic Korean items in full at the ‘Discover Iconic Korean Must-haves!’ event, running from today until 11 June 2024 at participating Tops and Tops Food Hall branches. For more information, visit www.tops.co.th, Facebook TopsThailand, or the LINE application @TopsThailand.

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