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Tourism Associations Agree Platform for Mutual Cooperation

Two global tourism associations are joining forces to dovetail key objectives in their fields of cultural heritage protection and vocational training.

A new partnership agreement between the World Tourism Association for Culture & Heritage (WTACH) and the World Association for Hospitality & Tourism Education & Training (AMFORHT) covers wide ranging activities such as events, seminars, vlogs and knowledge exchange.

The two organisations have agreed to seek out areas and opportunities of mutual benefit that will raise awareness, attract new members and help to achieve positive long-term results for the broad spectrum of travel, tourism and hospitality. Reciprocal complimentary membership for the duration of the agreement is also part of the agreement.

WTACH President Chris Flynn believes that the COVID-19 pandemic has created an opportunity for cultural attractions and heritage sites to rebalance the importance of preserving and protecting these assets with an ever-growing demand from local and international tourists.

“Working with AMFORHT will create a wealth of opportunities for our most treasured tourism attractions,” said Flynn.

AMFORHT President, Philippe Francois believes that the tourism industry will rebound in the upcoming months. “Tourism has always been a resilient industry that overcomes crises due to the thirst that we all have of enriching ourselves from all cultures.”

He added: “As we share common objectives, human values, and strategic orientations with WTACH, we’ll work together to strengthen human resource exchanges and education within destinations around the planet.”

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