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Tourist attractions open to visitors under COVID-19 prevention guidelines

Tourist attractions are open to visitors as usual with screening points already set up.

Mr Kampol Tansajja, President of Nong Nooch Garden, Pattaya, said today that Nong Nooch Garden, Pattaya, asked for permission from the Governor of Chonburi to open Nong Nooch Garden, Pattaya, to tourists as usual, because Nong Nooch Garden, Pattaya, can control the situation and has guidelines preventing transmission of COVID-19 in accordance with the policy of the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH). Nong Nooch Garden, Pattaya, is an open place with good screening and distancing protocols. It is also a great place for tourists and nearby residents to take a break during the current situation.

In Khon Kaen, Khosa Hotel, grilled chicken is being sold at the front of the hotel in order to provide customers with a delivery service and allow them to sit outside the building as a way of dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, as the hotel currently has no guests. Importantly, the meeting rooms and entertainment venues, which normally account for about 70 percent of income, are closed. However, the hotel has a policy not to reduce staff numbers because it understands the economic condition. Therefore, the hotel has changed its style by assigning employees to help sell grilled chicken, cooked to a KKU 1 recipe. It is healthy grilled chicken certified by Khon Kaen University, which has developed a breed of low uric acid chicken with low cholesterol.

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