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transcosmos, Kanagawa prefecture and Works Mobile Japan enter into a three-party agreement to strengthen Kanagawa Shoubou’s emergency response capabilities

transcosmos inc., on August 28, 2019, entered into an “Agreement for strengthening Kanagawa Shoubou (*)’s emergency response capabilities” with Kanagawa prefecture (Governor: Yuji Kuroiwa) and Works Mobile Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President & CEO: Yutaka Ishiguro).

*Kanagawa Shoubou: Kanagawa prefecture’s fire and disaster management scheme through which the prefectural government and all fire departments across the prefecture work together in order to support disaster affected areas.

As natural disasters are becoming increasingly more intense and varied, Japan is placing more importance on strengthening local governments’ emergency response capabilities, thereby ensuring that each government has a framework in place to take appropriate emergency measures. With the aim of supporting disaster-hit areas that cannot be tackled by a single fire department alone, Kanagawa prefecture has formed Kanagawa Shoubou, a collaborative team that consists of Kanagawa prefectural government and all fire departments across the prefecture. Yet, it has been a challenge for the prefecture to make Kanagawa Shoubou communicate easily and swiftly, particularly at the initial emergency response stage where speed matters.

Recognizing their challenge, transcosmos has offered “LINE WORKS,” LINE’s business version by Works Mobile Japan, to help the Disaster Countermeasures Headquarters of Kanagawa prefectural government, their disaster command center, speedily communicate within the headquarters, coordinate and make necessary arrangements with each fire department across the prefecture, and share information with the disaster affected sites. Ultimately, “LINE WORKS” helps Kanagawa prefecture enhance emergency response capabilities at the time of disasters. transcosmos will promote its initiatives to minimize disaster damages by assisting Kanagawa prefecture in implementing and operating “LINE WORKS.”

Equipped with high security and a LINE-like, user-friendly chat feature, “LINE WORKS,” LINE for business by Works Mobile Japan, enables organizations to communicate and take action without any undue delay. transcosmos is a LINE WORKS PLATINUM CERTIFIED PARTNER which sells and provides support services for “LINE WORKS.”

Here are the comments received from Kanagawa prefecture:
“We, Kanagawa prefecture, have established a “Kanagawa Shoubou” scheme, a prefectural-wide fire and disaster support framework to deal with severe area specific disasters that cannot be managed only by the local fire department. This is an unprecedented scheme in Japan. In order to take an appropriate initial response, it is crucial for the prefectural government and each fire department to grasp the status of disaster-hit areas accurately without delay and constantly share information.
We appreciate the two companies for supporting our Kanagawa Shoubou scheme. We are confident that by strengthening this new tripartite partnership, we can further enhance Kanagawa Shoubou’s emergency response capabilities.”

transcosmos supports the Kanagawa Shoubou initiative, which is the first in Japan, and will continue to contribute to the revitalization and development of local communities through its digital transformation strategies.

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