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Travellers Turn to Airbnb for Buriram Marathon 2019 and MotoGP 2018, Driving Sports Tourism in Thailand

Latest data shows that travellers to Buriram are increasingly turning to Airbnb for accommodation for key tourism events in the city. 

From last year’s Thailand MotoGP 2018 to the upcoming Buriram Marathon — that sold out in 24 hours — Airbnb and Buriram are playing host to a rising swell of tourists as the province grows rapidly as a sports tourism hub.

For the first time last year, Airbnb partnered the Ministry of Tourism and Sports’ Department of Tourism and homestay provider B-STAY to build flexible accommodation supply for the Thailand MotoGP 2018 — in the process providing platform training and onboarding over 65 local homestays in Buriram.

Ahead of the Buriram Marathon from 8-10 February 2019:

  • The number of listings in Buriram on Airbnb has since spiked more than 3.5x ahead of the Buriram Marathon 2019.
  • Airbnb’s vibrant host community will welcome over 250 guests from around the world into their homes and communities. This number is continuing to grow as more locals open up their homes to both Thai and international visitors who want to experience Buriram in a local, authentic way.

During last year’s Thailand MotoGP 2018 from 4-7 October 2018:

  • 220 guests across 60 global cities attending the Thailand MotoGP 2018 stayed with local hosts on Airbnb and experienced the warmth and authenticity of Buriram culture.
  • Hosts earned a combined income of THB400,000 over the short span of four days.
  • 84% of all hosts on Airbnb were first-time hosts.
  • Women hosts comprised 69% of all hosts, with the typical woman host earning an average of THB7,200.
  • The average booking size was 2.4 pax.
  • Airbnb guests stayed for a typical duration of 3 nights.
  • The top overseas guest markets comprised United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, France and China.

Ms. Pensiri Arjtaveekul, Chief of Tourism and Sports for Buriram, shared, “Airbnb’s platform helps tourists book accommodation quickly and easily, while B-STAY helps ensure quality homestays and facilitates communication between hosts and guests.” Mr. Khanchai Arram, Deputy Managing Director, B-STAY, added, “Our partnership supports locals in Buriram in a new way and we are showcasing Buriram city and culture to the world.”

64-year-old Ms. Viyada Lipracone, who will be hosting guests on Airbnb for the first time during the upcoming Buriram Marathon, said, “I am proud to be a part of this partnership with Airbnb  and B-STAY. It feels like having a new home because we are preparing our home to welcome guests. Even if our home is small, we can make a big impression on our visitors.”

The growth of homesharing in the city has motivated others like 50-year-old Ms. Prasong Jirum to start hosting with Airbnb, “I intend to improve and re-develop my home to make sure it is of a good standard before opening it to guests, so my family and I will make a positive impression on the guests who stay with us.”

Airbnb’s Head of Public Policy for Southeast Asia, Mich Goh, said the positive numbers highlighted the growing importance of the local Airbnb community to Thailand’s tourism economy, “There’s never been a better time to start hosting with Airbnb. Through Airbnb’s global people-to-people platform, locals in Buriram are sharing their homes with travelers from around the world and sharing in the benefits of tourism. Our hosts are earning thousands in extra income to make ends meet while being the best hospitality ambassadors for the city.”

Around the world, Airbnb helps cities quickly scale up accommodations when cities are hosting globally or nationally significant events, while putting the spotlight on a city’s best asset — its people. The company has worked to help cities build accommodations for significant global sporting events, including the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and the recent 2018 Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang.

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