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Finally! The end of a long wait, Hatchery hold the await fan meeting.Actor ‘ONG SEONG WU’ with the first Asia tour fan meeting starts from Thailand. In ONG SEONG WU 1st Fan meeting in Thailand

Hatchery continues with the fan meeting that everyone is waiting for, the first fan meeting of the Korean actor ‘ONG SEONG WU’ who get closer to Thai fans more than anytime like you were spelt. 

This is the first time that will bring everyone get into to ONG SEONG WU’s world, with the special performance only for this show followed by the title ‘Eternity’ which is meant the relationship of ONG SEONG WU and fans that will be eternal. The very special show will start from Thailand, Saturday 16th March 2019 at Thunder Dome Muangthong Thani.

If talking about the famous K-pop band around Asia in the past year, it’s undeniable that Wanna One is the hottest boy band in 2018. ONG SEONG WU is one of Wanna One’s members with his rare family name ‘ONG’ is the surname that hard to find among Korean celebrity. Not only his 3 flecks on his handsome-faced made ONG SEONG WU was unique, but his cuteness, fun and playful character are striking many fans to fall in love with him. He is always making laugh and good mood for everyone.

Finally, after long await ‘Hatchery’ brings the first solo fan meeting to Thai fans, plus a surprise special privilege only for Thai fans with every seating, ALL HI-TOUCH. Not only in Thailand, but ONG SEONG WU is also continuing to make the impressive memories with his fans in Malaysia, 23rd March 2019 and Singapore 6th April 2019.

Come to experience the new chapter of ONG SEONG WU with ONG SEONG WU 1st Fan meeting in Thailand Saturday 16th March 2019 at Thunder Dome Maungthong Thani. Tickets will be available from 9th February 2019 (Saturday) through www.hatcheryticket.com 10.00 AM. Onwards.

Ticket Price: 5,500 / 4,500 / 3,500 / 2,500 and 1,500 Baht.

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