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Two MacDonnell Road named Caring Company

Lanson Place Personal Hotels and Residences (Lanson Place) is pleased to announce that Two MacDonnell Road, Hong Kong, a unique serviced apartment-style accommodation situated in Mid-levels, has been awarded the Caring Company Award by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS). The award recognises Two MacDonnell Road’s efforts in caring for the community, employees and the environment, and in creating a cohesive society through cultivating good corporate citizenship.

Launched by the HKCSS in 2002, the Caring Company Scheme (the Scheme) aims to foster strategic partnerships between the business and social services sectors to promote good corporate citizenship and create a more inclusive society.

To build an inclusive workforce and promote equity and respect in the community, Two MacDonnell Road has worked closely with Hong Chi Association, a non-profit making organisation in Hong Kong, since 2021 to offer employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities. It also provides on-the-job training to help them unleash their potential, develop their interpersonal skills and help them fully participate in social life.

“We understand that employees are the most valuable assets. We take every opportunity to listen to their concerns and treat them like family. In addition to providing an energetic work environment and comprehensive benefits, employees are encouraged to participate in social activities to enable them to achieve a good work-life balance.’ said Mr. Jimmy Yu, General Manager of Two MacDonnell Road.

Lanson Place and Two MacDonnell Road’s shared mission is also to create a sustainable living environment for the community, placing extra emphasis on reducing its carbon footprint while addressing the escalating demand for a premium lifestyle and eco-friendly accommodation for guests. The company will continue to explore ways to improve residential sustainability, working hand-in-hand with stakeholders to build a greener, healthier and more inclusive community.

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