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Sabre and Tian Xia Fang Cang sign agreement to support future Chinese hospitality sector recovery

Sabre Corporation, a leading software and technology provider that powers the global travel industry, today announced an agreement with Tian Xia Fang Cang to create new opportunities for recovery and revenue growth in the Chinese hospitality marketplace.

The new relationship brings together Sabre’s advanced technology with Tian Xia Fang Cang’s deep knowledge of the unique Chinese travel ecosystem. Under the deal, Tian Xia Fang Cang will have the ability to market Sabre Hospitality’s solutions in China. The focus will be on enabling Chinese hoteliers to reach hundreds of thousands of travel agents globally across all major Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) through Sabre Hospitality’s SynXis platform, while giving travel agents additional opportunities to add hotel stays to traveller bookings.   

“As we look forward to further travel industry recovery, it is essential that hoteliers in China take the time now to ensure they are prepared to capitalize on pent-up travel demand, and create future opportunities for growth,” said Tian Xia Fang Cang CEO Seven Wu. “We’re thrilled that we can now offer hoteliers in China the ability, through Sabre’s advanced solutions, to grow their reach across the world, ensuring they are best-positioned to welcome back travellers to China as it re-opens its borders.” 

SaaS-based hotel services platform Tian Xia Fang Cang provides products and services, and e-commerce solutions for hotel suppliers and hotel distributors. It is now able to enhance its offerings by offering GDS distribution through Sabre to its existing and new hospitality clients.   

“We’re excited to have stepped into the New Year with a new agreement with Tian Xia Fang Cang,” said Frank Trampert, Senior Vice President, Global Managing Director of Community Sales for Sabre Hospitality. “Through this new relationship, we now look forward to increasing Sabre Hospitality’s footprint in the important Chinese travel marketplace, while giving hoteliers in China the ability to create their own global growth opportunities, in both the leisure and corporate sectors, through Sabre solutions.”  

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