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Unveiling the wanderlust of Baltic Crossover with Martin Blunos

The world-renowned chef Martin Blunos, whose was awarded two Michelin stars for more than fifteen years, together with chef Aleksandrs Nasikailov, Executive Chef, unveils their mysterious and fascinating Latvian heritage as Martin Blunos opens the first fine dining Baltic restaurant and bar in Bangkok, located at Thonglor Soi 9, this coming August 2019.

“Although, I was born in the United Kingdom, my parents were from Latvia and I feel that it is a part of who I am. I am very excited to bring the food that I grew up with to your dining table,” explained Martin Blunos, Chef Patron of Baltic Blunos.

“When thinking of Baltic, it represents the four elements of nature which are air, water, earth and fire; and these are the elements you can see throughout the restaurant and bar. Baltic cuisine is very earthy, rough and fresh; the ingredients must be fresh and cooked at its best. I feel very passionate in introducing my origin’s cuisine to Thailand and I think it will be very fascinating

Unveiling the wanderlust of Baltic Crossover with Martin Blunos

to see the blending of Baltic cuisine with local ingredients and flavours. I am extremely excited to introduce and showcase what Baltic Crossover is to every guest and I am certain that it will be a very interesting mix of cultures.”

Martin Blunos, a charismatic British-born chef with Latvian heritage, is delighted to showcase his cultural origins through this unique culinary experience.

Step into the enigmatic Latvian inspired ambience and embark on “The Wanderlust Dining Journey” at Baltic Blunos where diners become culinary explorers. A warm and laid-back setting serves as a perfect backdrop for the exquisitely prepared one-of-a-kind Baltic Crossover cuisine.

At Baltic Blunos, diners are offered two scrumptious set menus of 6 and 8 course that portray the concept of “Baltic Crossover” – a chef-d’oeuvre crafted by Martin Blunos and Alek  Nasikailov. Highlight includes sea urchin with som-sa; scallops served with Mottra caviar, kombu, bonito and fresh sea grapes; and black chicken with foie gras, porcini mushrooms and Jerusalem artichoke.

In addition to the restaurant, a vibrant and bustling bar area is added to the scene and sits fittingly well with the lively neighbourhood of Thonglor. The bar is being treated separately as it offers an extensive selection of European favourite bar nibbles and exotic beverage varieties. Additionally, to bring “The Wanderlust Dining Journey” to the full circle, the restaurant has its own chocolate room to craft magnificent and delectable chocolate creations to satisfy the sweet-tooth lovers.

Baltic Blunos is the first addition to the portfolio of Turtle 23 Co., Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of BTS Group Holdings Plc., experienced in food and beverage business. Baltic Blunos will open its door at Thonglor Soi 9 this coming August 2019.

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