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ViMUT Hospital Targets Women’s Market Following Surge in Purchasing Power with ‘The Power of Women’ Campaign; Sets Eyes on Global SHEconomy Trend

ViMUT Hospital, a leading private hospital in the heart of Bangkok, has unveiled the “Power of Women” campaign with the concept “don’t let your health disrupt your life”. This initiative aims to amplify the innate strength of women by providing cutting-edge medical treatments and comprehensive healthcare services tailored for women of every age. With a forward-looking approach, the hospital aims to tap into women’s growing purchasing power, supporting the rising trend of the SHEconomy – an economic movement fueled by the surge in female consumers across industries, recognized globally as a significant megatrend. ViMUT expects an additional 30% increase in female customers once the campaign is launched. This boost in strategy aligns with evolving market and societal demands, recognizing that women wield considerable purchasing influence and are keenly invested in their holistic well-being at every life stage. To ensure top-tier care, ViMUT Hospital boasts a proficient team of doctors specializing across disciplines, ready to serve women in every age bracket, from adolescents to seniors. Their primary aim is to champion the comprehensive health and well-being of women, catering to diverse lifestyles.

The Economist Intelligence Unit, a US research organization, forecasts that the global purchasing power of women will surge to an impressive US$46 trillion by 2030, up from its 2014 valuation of $18 trillion. This represents an average annual growth rate of 6%. The rise can be attributed to the growing SHEconomy trend, underpinned by three main factors:

  1. The female market within the Millennial cohort displays substantial purchasing power, characterized by assertive spending habits.
  2. Women’s roles in the labor market have become more pronounced, leading to a significant increase in their incomes compared to the past.
  3. Women are pivotal in decision-making processes, particularly in managing and determining household expenditures.

Specific to Thailand, recent data from the Central Registrar’s Office reveals that the female population surpasses the male demographic. As of 2022, there were about 1.59 million more women than men. When evaluating the hospital market for 2023, ViMUT observed that, up to this point, the proportion of service users has consistently been higher for women than for men by approximately 20%. This trend remained steady in 2022 at around 20%. Most female service users primarily seek health examinations, making it the top service. Obstetrics and Gynecology centers come in second place, with emergency departments following in third.

Dr. Somboon Tosborvorn, ViMUT Hospital Director, commented, “ViMUT is honored to champion women’s health across all age groups. Through the launch of the ‘Power of Women’ campaign, we aim to bolster the inherent strength and potential in women, enriching their lives and facilitating their growth in every aspect, all grounded in a foundation of physical and mental well-being. At ViMUT, our team comprises of seasoned obstetricians, gynecologists, and other specialists skilled in addressing a broad spectrum of women’s health concerns. Leveraging modern medical technology, our medical professionals can ensure precise diagnosis in a warm, friendly environment, providing meticulous care every step of the way.

We are dedicated to providing holistic healthcare services that cover a broad spectrum of needs. This ranges from adolescent-focused solutions, such as HPV vaccinations to prevent cervical cancer, to support throughout the reproductive journey—from pre-conception readiness to childbirth, including both natural and cesarean deliveries. We offer pre-marriage and pre-pregnancy counseling, Down syndrome detection through blood screening (NIPT Test), and advanced 2D and 4D ultrasound services. Additionally, we provide cancer screenings, Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), and address issues that mature women may encounter, including hormonal imbalances, osteoporosis, and urinary tract problems. Whatever the health challenge, our dedicated team of doctors and nurses stands ready to ensure women enjoy optimal health and live confidently each day.”

Cancer ranks among the top causes of death for Thai women. In 2022, the Ministry of Public Health disclosed that Thai women witnessed the most breast cancer cases, totaling 38,559, followed by cervical cancer at 12,956 cases. Breast cancer is often dubbed a ‘silent danger.’ This is because its early stages typically present no symptoms or pain. By the time noticeable symptoms arise, the cancer is often advanced, with larger tumors and widespread metastasis, posing a severe risk of death. Early detection through regular screenings offers the best chance for successful treatment. Cervical cancer, ranked as the second most prevalent cancer among Thai women, predominantly affects those aged 30-55 years. The primary culprit behind this cancer is the Human Papillomavirus, or HPV. In its nascent stages, cervical cancer either shows no signs or only mild symptoms, such as abnormal vaginal bleeding or persistent unusual vaginal discharge. Regular screenings can facilitate early detection of cervical anomalies, and HPV vaccination is the most effective preventive measure against cervical cancer.

Dr. Panlada Chantasartrassamee, General Obstetrician and Gynecologist at ViMUT Hospital, speaking about the ailments that claim the lives of numerous Thai women and the strategies for early prevention, said, “Every year, a significant number of Thai women are diagnosed with, and succumb to, gynecological cancers. Breast cancer tops the list, followed by cervical cancer, while ovarian and uterine cancers are also prevalent. Many of these cancers are preventable or treatable in their early stages through screening. At ViMUT, we emphasize health from childhood through to adulthood and menopause. This approach not only ensures long-term wellness but also aids in early disease prevention. Consequently, it’s essential to tailor healthcare plans based on three primary age brackets:

  1. Premenstrual age: Medical guidance recommends that Thai children adhere to a balanced diet encompassing all five food groups, engage in regular physical activity, and receive timely vaccinations. Particularly for girls, parents should prioritize the HPV vaccine, which is designed to thwart cervical cancer. Administering this vaccine from as early as nine years of age ensures optimal immunity building.
  2. Reproductive Age or Menstruating Years: Regular pelvic exams, cervical cancer screenings, and breast cancer assessments are advised. Moreover, individuals should remain vigilant about any bodily anomalies. Upon detecting any abnormalities, seeking medical consultation without delay is imperative.
  3. Menopause Age: Annual health check-ups, including regular pelvic examinations, must occur during this phase. It’s equally important to be attuned to pre-menopausal symptoms like erratic menstrual cycles, mood swings, and diminished libido. Sharing these concerns with close ones facilitates mutual understanding, enabling collaborative navigation through the physical and emotional transitions typical of this stage.”

Beyond physical ailments, mental health poses another significant concern for women. The Department of Mental Health reports that over 1.5 million Thais aged 15 and above are grappling with depression, a figure that’s currently on an upward trend. The World Health Organization underscores that females face a heightened risk of developing depression compared to males. This is attributed to females undergoing more pronounced hormonal fluctuations, evident during menstruation, pregnancy, and postpartum phases. Moreover, societal expectations and familial challenges further exacerbate their mental health burdens. Dr. Penchaya Atiwannapat, a Psychiatrist at ViMUT Hospital, emphasized, “Mental well-being should be treated with the same vigilance as physical health, and its maintenance should span from childhood to adulthood. I recommend four straightforward practices for women to foster sound mental health:  1) Cultivate a positive mindset. Endeavor to perceive the silver lining in every situation, as this equips us to navigate challenges mindfully. 2) Refrain from measuring your life against others’. Everyone’s journey is distinct and replete with unique joys and struggles. Exercising prudence while engaging with social media is paramount, as it can inadvertently dent our self-worth. 3) Surround yourself with supportive friends and acquaintances, those willing to lend a listening ear. Often, just voicing our concerns and receiving encouragement can significantly uplift our spirits. 4) Prioritize self-care by indulging in activities that rejuvenate you, offering a respite from daily stresses.”

Amita-Tata Young, embodying the essence of an intelligent, confident, and immensely talented woman, shares her insights on self-care, “Many might be aware of the health challenges I faced in the past. During those times, I experienced significant distress, but I overcame it by fostering a resilient mindset and seeking consistent medical treatment. I want to urge all women to believe in their innate potential. Strive for self-improvement every day. To those who tirelessly care for others, always remember to extend that same kindness to yourself. Prioritize your health and personal happiness.”

The “Power of Women”
 campaign is an integral part of ViMUT Hospital’s strategic plan, to promote optimal physical health among Thai women. By offering cost-effective and convenient healthcare packages tailored for women of all ages, we ensure that they receive care from doctors who are experts in their respective fields. Coupled with the implementation of cutting-edge medical innovations that adhere to international standards, we guarantee precise and effective treatments. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the prevalence of diseases and mortality rates among women. ViMUT is confident that this campaign will comprehensively address the healthcare needs of women across all age groups.

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