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ViMUT Leads with Bladeless Lasik Revolution!

ViMUT Hospital, a leading private hospital in the heart of Bangkok, has established a comprehensive presence in the LASIK industry and is advancing with the launch of the ‘ViMUT LASIK Center’. This center emphasizes safe innovation to minimize complications and alleviate the fears associated with LASIK surgery, operating under the concept ‘Do it today, See clearly tomorrow.’ ViMUT is inviting individuals with vision issues to transform their visual world – to achieve sharper vision and a life free from glasses – using the innovative ‘FEMTO LDV Z8’, a machine that ensures vision preservation surgery and bladeless cataract surgery with quick recovery times.

ViMUT Hospital highlights that global trends in eye care and LASIK are on the rise, correlating with the new generation’s lifestyle of continuous screen usage for studying, working, communication, and entertainment. This trend aligns with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) prediction that by 2050, half of the world’s population will be myopic. ViMUT Hospital is moving ahead with the establishment of a specialized center that boasts top-tier modern innovations and a team of medical experts from various specialties. Their vision is to elevate the standard of Holistic Healthcare by offering comprehensive services that span prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation. It is anticipated that the opening of the full-scale LASIK center will attract numerous customers and ViMUT Hospital is committed to providing eye care that is both safe and sustainable, enabling Thais to effectively manage their screen-centered modern lifestyles.

Dr. Somboon Tosborvorn, the Director of ViMUT Hospital, stated, “With advancements in modern technology and an enhanced understanding of the safety and efficacy of LASIK, LASIK surgery is experiencing continual growth. Market Research Future reports that the global LASIK industry, valued at USD 2.5 billion in 2022, is anticipated to expand from USD 2.64 billion in 2023 to USD 4.08 billion by 2032, progressing at an exponential compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.60% during the forecast period (2023-2032). In alignment with this trajectory, ViMUT Hospital has integrated the state-of-the-art ‘FEMTO LDV Z8’ technology from Switzerland into our LASIK center. This innovation has transformed traditional LASIK procedures by enhancing precision and safety, thus facilitating quicker recovery and the restoration of clear vision.”

He further added, “Over the past three years, ViMUT Hospital has consistently established specialized centers designed to offer effective and comprehensive treatment for complex diseases. Staffed by seasoned medical experts and outfitted with the latest technologies, our centers provide treatments that are both safe and precise, meeting international standards. They also focus on delivering conscientious service while maintaining reasonable costs. Our LASIK Center is among these specialized facilities, committed to providing all-encompassing eye care and assuring patients with vision impairments that their sight can be safely restored. With the incorporation of the FEMTO LDV Z8 technology at our LASIK Center, we foresee a 20% increase in service users within the next year.”

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Amporn Jongsareejit, Director of ViMUT Lasik Center, stated, “Vision problems significantly affect daily life, as highlighted by the World Health Organization’s 2022 World Report on Vision. This report indicates that out of the 2.2 billion people with visual impairments globally, at least 1 billion have conditions that could be prevented or treated with timely detection. Furthermore, it is projected that by 2050, nearly 3.5 billion individuals – 50% of the anticipated global population – will suffer from nearsightedness. Therefore, addressing the eye care challenges that affect a large portion of the population is imperative for every country. The digital lifestyle of today poses increased risks for eye conditions. Impaired vision can lead to errors, accidents, fatigue, and chronic headaches, adversely affecting the quality of life. It is crucial to acknowledge that traditional remedies such as eyeglasses and contact lenses might not meet everyone’s needs. Consequently, LASIK has become a preferred treatment for many. The LASIK Center at ViMUT Hospital offers a full spectrum of treatments for eye conditions like nearsightedness, astigmatism, and farsightedness. Our dedicated team of ophthalmologists and LASIK experts provides top-tier care. Utilizing bladeless technology from Switzerland, we maintain international safety and comfort standards for our patients. Our medical team offers comprehensive support through diagnosis, surgery, rehabilitation, and post-LASIK care, aiming to enhance our patients’ vision and quality of life.”

“The innovative ‘FEMTO LDV Z8’ offers advanced vision care with bladeless LASIK surgery. This cutting-edge technology allows patients to quickly achieve high-quality vision and promotes expedited recovery. It effectively reduces the risk of complications, such as corneal wounds, dry eyes, and impaired night vision. Additionally, it adeptly addresses issues related to nearsightedness and astigmatism. Designed to cater to diverse ocular anatomies, the ‘FEMTO LDV Z8’ accommodates small eyes, deep-set eyes, and high-brow bones and is suitable for Asian eyes as well as those of individuals from various nationalities.

By employing the ‘FEMTO LDV Z8’ alongside the ‘ReLEx CLEAR’ technique, ophthalmologists can correct nearsightedness ranging from -0.50 to -10.00 diopters and astigmatism up to -5.00 diopters. This is accomplished through a minimally invasive process that includes a small corneal incision (2.6 – 3.0 mm) and the use of a low-energy nanojoule laser. The procedure involves precision adjustments to the corneal curvature to enhance vision, with AI technology further refining the accuracy of corneal surface alterations for smoother outcomes and sharper sight.

During the surgery, patients usually do not experience pain but may notice a gentle suction on the cornea lasting only 20-30 seconds. A secure corneal suction system decreases the likelihood of corneal abrasions. The entire procedure typically takes 10-15 minutes. Moreover, ViMUT Hospital has adopted the ‘FEMTO LDV Z8’ for its dual benefits of preserving vision and improving the efficacy of cataract surgery. This technology boasts exceptional features such as low energy usage, precise surgical performance, superior safety, and effective minimization of corneal trauma.
Dr. Supasuta Mansamrit, who underwent the ReLEx CLEAR Lasik eye surgery with the FEMTO LDV Z8 machine, was eager to share her experience. She said, “Suffering from nearsightedness, I have always disliked wearing glasses. This led me to rigorously research bladeless Lasik surgery. To my delight, I found an innovative option providing a painless procedure with minimal recovery time. It’s remarkable – you can open your eyes and return to normal life the very next day. The surgery itself took just a few minutes.” She also highlighted her admiration for the hospital’s cutting-edge innovations and the medical team at the LASIK center, who offered comprehensive consultations and ensured her comfort throughout the process. She joyfully noted, “Today, the major obstacles in life have vanished as the world around me has regained its sharpness.”

For individuals with congenital abnormalities such as nearsightedness, astigmatism, or farsightedness, consultations are recommended at the Lasik Center, situated on the 5th floor of ViMUT Hospital on Phahon Yothin Road. The center operates daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Appointments can be scheduled by calling 02-079-0056.

Additionally, updates on hospital news, activities, and promotional offers can be accessed through the official ViMUT Hospital website at www.vimut.com, as well as their social media pages on Facebook (www.facebook.com/vimuthospital) and Instagram (@vimut_hospital). For further inquiries, the hospital can be directly contacted at Tel. 02-079-0000.

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