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Virgin Active’s ‘Eyes Don’t Lie’ Wellness Campaign

Virgin Active, the world’s leading premium wellness brand, continues to evolve in its commitment to be more than just a place to exercise. By adhering to the intention of being an exercise club, a place for physical recovery and relaxation, and a community that unites people from all walks of life, Virgin Active strives to comprehensively cater to the needs of all members. The club provides a variety of premium exercise classes and equipment to help create a holistic experience for members, while simultaneously taking care of the body and the mind. Moreover, to reaffirm its holistic approach to wellness, Virgin Active also places great importance on recovery after exercise, to help everyone maintain a strong and sustainable and healthy journey.

Julien Bera, Country Director of Virgin Active Southeast Asia says, “Virgin Active is the provider of ‘premium holistic wellness,’ that goes beyond just physical activeness and exercise. We do offer expertly curated exercise programs and top-of-the-range equipment, but we do not stop there. We are here to enable holistic wellness for the body, mind, and soul. Our goal is to redefine wellness, which includes relaxation and recovery, with amenities and programs that enable members to truly relax and recover, especially in a busy and chaotic city like Bangkok. Premium holistic wellness is not just something we say at Virgin Active; it is something we do. From facilities to amenities and our programs. A truly unique offering and positioning to establish in the fitness and wellness market.”

 With its commitment to redefine ‘recovery,’ Virgin Active is rolling out the “Eyes Don’t Lie” campaign, which focuses on the authenticity conveyed through the eyes when the mind and body experiences relaxation and rejuvenation. As a brand that constantly innovates, Virgin Active is changing the way people see recovery, with new offerings such as Sound Bath and Reformer Recovery. Most recently, the club has brought in the latest technology from Hyperice to raise the standard of physical rehabilitation and active recovery to the next level. 

Portable Relaxation

Hyperice is the newest premium portable massager technology from America, which is now available at all Virgin Active clubs. In line with Virgin Active’s wellness offerings, the Hyperice devices are provided to help rejuvenate  and relax one’s muscles.. It can also help to relieve muscle pains and stiffness in specific areas, stimulate blood circulation and reduce fatigue after exercising..  Various types of Hyperice massage machines are available in Virgin Active for members’ use and usage is all-inclusive in its membership.

Emphasizing every relaxation

Julien Bera, Country Director of Virgin Active Southeast Asia “The decision to provide portable massage devices from Hyperice for our members’ use, all-inclusive in their membership, is another step in Virgin Active’s commitment to promote health and wellness for people living in Thailand. We believe that Hyperice’s comprehensive functionality, handy size, and simple usage will elevate the experience and provide the enhanced recovery for all our members.” 

These easy-to-use relaxation tools from Hyperice will be available to all members of Virgin Active club from November 1st, 2023 at every branch, with no additional cost. For more information, visit all Virgin Active clubs and online via www.virginactive.co.th, Facebook @VirginActiveThailand, Instagram @VirginActiveThailand, TikTok @VirginActiveTH, LINE @virginactiveth.

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