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Volvo reaffirms its position as leader in automotive innovation Unveiled its coolest phenomenon with The Volvo Way: Freedom to Experienceevent. A unique Test-Ride Track, at Mega Bangna

Moving forward from extremely positive responses with resounding sales success of 1,079 units bought in 1H/ 2019, an increase of 91% from 2018. Volvo Car Thailand continues taking the lead in pushing the boundaries of safety and technology. Along with success record of Corporate Sales, with SME business gains of 91% new Volvo customers, an increase of 197% from 2018.

The top selling models range from a compact SUV which is big on innovation The New Volvo XC40, the successor to Europe’s best selling compact SUV; The Volvo XC60 with 66% increase in sales volume from 2018, The luxury 7-seat SUV; The Volvo XC90 with 36% increase from 2018 and the luxury sedan; The Volvo S90, with 16% increase from 2018.

In process of fulfilling the commitment to offer every customer the Freedom to Move; in a Safe, Personal and Sustainable way.  Volvo invites everyone to witness a new chapter of the Volvo journey unfold between 9 – 18 August 2019 through the special-event “The Volvo Way: Freedom to Experience at Mega Bangna”. Featuring a two-level unique test-ride track, Volvo has demonstrated its philosophy on how we put our customers at the center of everything we do. The Volvo Way takes the Volvo Brand closer to Thai consumers delivering an authentic driving experience. Plus other interesting new street-art activities and friendly-sustainable experiences, and also with the possibility to test-drive (on the ground) your Volvo favorite models from XC40, XC60, and XC90

Event highlights

  • Mini-concert:

The highlight of the event will be a mini-concert by our trending star Mr. Wan Thanakrit (on Sunday 11 Aug from 19.00 hrs. onward).

  • The New Volvo XC40 Art-on-Car and Volvo Street Art by Jackbrick:

One of a Kind: Mr. Jackkrit Anantakul, Jackbrick, is a remarkable graphic designer known for his humorous illustrations and experimental typography. This exclusive collaboration will see Jackbrick transform our brand-new Volvo XC40 through the use of a new spray paint technique. The art will focus on Volvo’s three pillars: Safe, Sustainability, and Personal. His art

will feature iconic Volvo Crash Test Dummies Cartoon Characters, inspired by Volvo’s human-centric philosophy, which focuses on making people’s lives less complicated. XC40 Art-on-Car by Jackbrick will be an exciting and eye-catching part of the event.

The three main characters represent the three main corporate purposes that Volvo prioritize and strive to develop:

Clive:    A father who always protects for ultimate safety

Eva:      A fashionable mother who cares for people and the global environment

Emily:   An innovative daughter who loves creating new innovations by using recycled    materials for utmost versatility.

Attendees can also participate in our art workshop, “Street Art painting by Jackbrick”, where everyone can express their creative and artistic talents.

  • Precious Plastic

Our Precious Plastic Workshop allows people to help save the Earth by teaching them how to recycle plastic waste and reduce plastic pollution through innovation where they can learn more about sustainability and become and advocate to others.

  • Pendulum Painting & 4 in-a-row competition

Feel free to create your unique masterpiece of pattern painting. Enjoy and share quality time with family and friends with a fun and challenging game for brain.

“The Volvo Way: Freedom to Experience event also acts as a ‘Brand Centre’ where people can learn about Volvo’s history of game-changing achievements and position on safety and  connectivity, as well as Volvo’s industry-leading vision for an all-electric future and commitment to  sustainability. Thai consumers will have the opportunity to experience true Swedish luxury and   Scandinavian design and discover our sustainable activities which reflect our 3 brand pillars”., Chris added.

We warmly welcome everyone to bring their family and spend quality time with us by exploring          our latest innovative technologies and the essence of Swedish luxury manufactured by Volvo. Be     part of our sustainable activities, including “Precious plastic” and “Pendulum painting” and create           your unique art masterpiece from 9 – 18 August 2019 during 11.00 – 22.00 hrs at           Exhibition Space, 1st floor in front of IKEA.

Special offer from Volvo

0% interest for 48 months plus VPSP program (starting from now – 30th August 2019)

Volvo offers a very competitive financial program “0% interest for 48 months” for all Volvo line up from XC40, XC60, XC90 and S90 models. Additionally, cash benefits up to 300,000 Baht for Volvo XC60 and S90 and upto 500,000 Baht for Volvo XC90. This is combined with its FREE Volvo Premium Service Program which includes 3-years/100,000 Km Volvo Warranty (which comes sooner) plus 1-year Volvo Roadside Assistance. Upgrade to privilege program with a special price of the 5-year Volvo Premium Service Program (VPSP) which includes Volvo Service & Maintenance 5 years/100,000 Km, Volvo Warranty 5 years/150,000 Km and Volvo Roadside Assistance 5 years,

The promotions apply for Volvo Cars which are purchased at Volvo showrooms from now to 30th August 2019.

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