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AirAsia Ride x Ajarn Katha Chuan: Merit & Good Health

Ajarn Katha Chinbanchorn recommends places to make merit in the second half of the year in a bang with 6 hospitals that Sai Mu must go to ask for blessings. Let life be prosperous, enhance the prosperity with life. healthy With a pick-up and drop – off service from airasia ride and get a lucky discount code “HENG” , get 40 baht discount with a minimum amount of 150 baht , even more privileges ! Only this July Customers who ride in the car with AirAsia Ride a lot of times get exclusive privileges. Horoscope with Teacher Kata privately, free 1 right !

no matter which hospital You can travel to Mu all over Bangkok conveniently. No need to stand and wave. You don’t have to find a place to park. Plus, you can reserve a car in advance to pick up at the time you choose.

Let’s start at Silom, Sam Yan, call an airasia ride to the National Blood Service Center, Thai Red Cross Society at Chulalongkorn Hospital. by donating blood to extend that life Ancient people believed that giving life or extending life by enabling animals to continue living. It is considered a merit that can exorcise misfortune or alleviate bad things.

But if anyone is in Phaya Thai zone, Ratchathewi, call a car to go here. Veterans Hospital and pay homage to “ Phra Buddha Arokaya Deva Racha ”, the sacred Buddha image of the hospital, which is revered by hospital staff and patients. who come to pay homage to pray for recovery from illness and make an appointment to make an appointment Until he was said to be ” Luang Pho recovered from illness “

This is not all. There are still places of worship in many hospitals throughout Bangkok. Both in the business district, Phra Nakhon area, to the Thonburi side area who wait for Sai Mu to not miss, find an opportunity to pay homage once Enhance your destiny to be popular in the second half of the year Special promotion from airasia Superapp Enter the code “HENG” to get a lucky discount of 40 baht with a minimum of 150 baht when using the airasia ride service with an exclusive opportunity ! Only this July For car users with AirAsia Most rides Get a chance to get a personal horoscope with a teacher for free 1 right ! Don’t wait, go out to Moo with an airasia ride . You don’t have to stand and wave. You don’t have to find a place to park. Plus, you can reserve a car in advance to pick up at the time you choose. Ready to pick up and send everyone around Bangkok today, called airasia ride! Reasonable price, near and far, so cheap !

Easy way to book in advance

  •  Select the ‘ride’ icon in the AirAsia SuperApp.
  •  Choose an advance booking method
  •  Choose the day and time you want.
  •  Choose drop-off point – pick-up point
  •  Enter discount code [SUPER50]
  •  Press to reserve to call ride.
  •  Wait for the car to come pick you up.

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