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ANTA set to launch its first store in Bangkok at Central World

ANTA, one of the world’s leading sportswear brands, is excited to announce the grand opening of its first store at centralwOrld. This opening marks a significant milestone in ANTA’s commitment to expanding its presence in Thailand and Southeast Asia.
Local Collaborations To Create a Uniquely Thai ANTA Store/ Community Experience

ANTA’s first store in Thailand is designed to combine elements of local culture with a mix of art and sports. The sportswear giant engaged well-known Thai graffiti artist Napar Weeratamwiwat to showcase his creations specially designed for ANTA’s first store in Thailand, bringing a local, trendy flair to the global brand. Additionally, ANTA is committed to connecting and growing with local communities, including SWISH, a local basketball community that will be crafting a basketball skills program for the collaboration. Thai celebrity fashionista, Tina Suppanad, will also make her debut as the brand’s runway creative director and stylist for the launch event. ANTA’s inaugural Thailand store is geared up to be a celebration of Thai culture, sports, and style.

For over 30 years, ANTA has been at the forefront of the sportswear industry, dedicated to designing, developing, producing, and marketing their highly acclaimed series of sports apparel and footwear. The opening of the new store in centralwOrld represents a strategic move by ANTA to strengthen its presence within the Southeast Asian market. Thailand, with its vibrant sports and street culture, as well as thriving retail landscape, presents an exciting opportunity for ANTA to directly connect with its growing customer base, who have been previously only been able to order ANTA products online, but now will be able to touch and feel the quality products in-store and enjoy their unique in-store experiences.

ANTA Rallies Southeast Asia With It’s “Let’s Go” Campaign

To kick off its Southeast Asia expansion, ANTA launched the “Let’s Go” campaign –  a community-driven rallying cry to encourage individuals around region to #KeepMoving regardless of which stage of their sports journey they’re at, or even which stage of life they’re going through. With localized iterations across sports and lifestyle categories and countries, encouraging them to push forward together.

ANTA acknowledges that movement is an essential aspect of the human experience, serving as the driving force behind our pursuit of goals, the overcoming of challenges, and the embracing of new adventures. #LetsGo embodies this spirit and drives home the essence that sports is not just about performance, but also about comradery and growth along the way.

“ANTA is proud to establish our first store in the heart of Bangkok, centralwOrld, solidifying our presence in Southeast Asia, especially in the unique sports culture of Thailand.” Gavin Lum, Regional Brand Marketing Director, Anta Group of Brands South East Asia said “Inspired by the dynamic sports scene here, we’re excited to keep moving with the local communities and friendships we develop here and embody the #LetsGo within Thailand. The centralwOrld store will serve as a haven for sports enthusiasts, with our sportswear and equipment, and skilled store staff who will be able to best recommend the right fit based on each individual’s needs to empower them to perform at their very best”

The new ANTA store in centralwOrld located on the third floor, beacon zone spanning 230 sqm, promising to be a go-to destination for sports enthusiasts, athletes, and anyone who values quality sportswear and equipment. Individuals can expect to find a wide range of ANTA products, including the latest G21 lite running shoes, Shockwave 5 Pro basketball shoes (endorsed by NBA player Kyrie Irving), and more sportswear, footwear, and accessories designed to empower everyone to perform at their own personal best.

Don’t miss the grand opening of ANTA’s flagship store at Central World in Bangkok on the 31st of October. There is a full day line-up of activities for the store opening. Experience the first glow-in-the-dark basketball game in Thailand, get first dibs on ANTA’s latest collections including the Shockwave 5 Pro, and enjoy a host of special store-opening promotions. Be a part of the movement, Let’s Go and #KeepMoving together with ANTA!

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