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Bosch Home’s Flagship Now at Central Westgate!

Bosch, a globally trusted brand in the home appliance sector, has officially opened its second Bosch Home Flagship Store in Thailand at Central Westgate. The new store aims to cater to and provide convenience for consumers in the neighborhoods nearby. The majority of the products showcased in the store are home appliances made for horizontal living arrangements.

Inside the store, a comprehensive Bosch home appliances are available for browsing and purchase, including washing machines and dryers, dishwashers, kitchen appliances (ovens, microwaves, and gas stoves), refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, and small food processors.

Additionally, there are 3 special zones made for consumers looking for comprehensive electrical appliances solutions.

  • Home Connect Zone, which features electrical appliances compatible with the Home Connect application, making it much more convenient for users to use the equipment. This includes automatically selecting programs tailored to users’ needs, notifying when the equipment is approaching cleaning time, and providing remote access to experts in case users encounter issues.
  • Kitchen Appliance Zone, which are equipped with efficiency and technology, such as the Bosch Series 8 oven with 4D Hot Air Technology for even cooking on all levels, and the Assist Program with internal sensors that control heat, check moisture, and adjust cooking times accordingly. It also supports connecting with Home Connect application and an induction cooker when both appliances need to be used simultaneously for cooking.
  • Vacuum Cleaner Zone, which features a full line of vacuum cleaners that meet all cleaning needs, such as the cordless Unlimited 7 vacuum cleaner with a flexible nozzle that can be bend up to 90 degrees, LED lights, and a motor warranty of up to 10 years (the only brand in the market) and the ProAnimal vacuum cleaner for pet lovers with up to 3 models (the only brand in the market), including both cordless and dust box models that can clean up pet hair up to 25% faster.

Following the company’s core tenet ‘Invented for Life’, Bosch strives to develop products that come equipped with smart technology, quality, efficiency, and Home Connect solution that control and care for electrical appliances longer in line with engineering principles from Germany. Additionally, Bosch has been manufacturing environmentally friendly products and maintaining sustainable production processes, in which every step is carbon-neutral, since 2020. With the use of advanced technology in manufacturing, Bosch products are energy and cost-efficient.

Bosch also places importance on design and has won numerous awards that are recognized globally, such as Red Dot: Best of the Best [2023], iF Design Award 2023, German Design Award Gold 2022, and UX Design Award 2023, reflecting the dedication to creating products that are both high-quality and aesthetically enticing. Bosch is the number one company for built-in home appliances in Europe1 and Number one Company worldwide for Ovens2.

Victor Dumitru, Managing Director, BSH Home Appliances Limited said, “The inauguration of our Bosch Home Flagship Store at Central Westgate marks a significant milestone, allowing us to better engage with Bangkok’s discerning urban clientele. Our unwavering commitment to Thailand’s market expansion is evident, and this new establishment is a pivotal component of our long-term strategy for Thailand. As modern consumers increasingly seek diverse product offerings, we are dedicated to introducing innovative solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of Thai households.”

For those interested in browsing or trying Bosch home appliances, Bosch Home Flagship Store is located on the second floor of Central Westgate. At the store, expert staff members are ready to provide great recommendations and help with after-sales services and technical issues for Bosch consumers. Consumers can also bring their electrical appliances to the store for forwarding to Bosch after-sales service centers. Customer service is available to reach at 02 495 2424, as well as online channel Bosch LINE official account: @BoschHomeThailand.

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