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Tops Celebrates Songkran with Thai Charm!

Ignite this summer like never before as Tops, the leading supermarket business under Central Retail, steps  in to welcome the Songkran festival, the period of happiness for both Thais and international tourists. Spark the fun and cool down the heat with the coolest campaign at the ‘Discover Thailand: Land of Food, Land of Smiles’ event, opening up an extraordinary exploration of Thailand’s finest line-up of products. Invite everyone to discover the enchanting Thai essence through fresh ingredients, guaranteed deliciousness from all corners of Thailand, all gathered in one place, creating a shopping experience for this year’s Songkran festival that is extraordinary, following the ‘Every Day DISCOVERY’ concept.

The ‘Discover Thailand: Land of Food, Land of Smiles’ campaign reaffirms the status of Thai food destination, showcasing the Thai identity and exerting Thai soft power globally. Open up an exploration of the finest offerings from all over Thailand, presenting the charm of the Land of Smiles in every aspect through 5 highlights.

Discover the Power of Thai Icons: the widest variety of Thainess

Tops celebrates the best of Thai local products, curating an exceptional selection of top-quality goods from all corners of the country. Led by Thailand’s finest agricultural enterprises and SMEs, showcasing renowned items from more than 20 provinces, sourced from the Jingjai Farmer’s Market initiative, including fragrant coconut from Ban Pheaw, majestic Chakraphat mangoes, and Thapthim Siam pomelos. Additionally, featuring top local picks from Thai SMEs by ‘Tops Tongtin,’ such as ready-to-eat sticky rice with durian in coconut milk, including regional delicacies like Songkhla Lake seabass, dried threadfin fish from Narathiwat, premium Phon Yang Kham beef from Sakon Nakhon. Indulge in the culinary delights of Thai soft power, with globally acclaimed dishes like tricolored coconut milk flavored sticky rice. Enjoy sweet Kapi (sweet shrimp paste) by Wanida for a taste of rare luxury. Plus, explore exclusive new menu items created especially for this event at The Baker, available at all branches, such as mango sticky rice chiffon cake and Pandan Mango Sticky Rice Tart, made with GI Nam Dok Mai mango flower water and featuring famous bread from the social media sensation Timber Ring where you can choose from 8 flavors and avoid long queues, along with popular Thai favorites reaching international acclaim, including sought-after snacks and Thai-made elephant pants, essential items for the Songkran festival, and traditional tools for religious merit-making. Conclude your culinary journey with a complete shabu-shabu and mookata set, available only at Tops, offering a hassle-free dining experience as delicious as dining out. Celebrate the Thai New Year and family occasions with these Thai bestsellers.

Discover Thai Soft Power: open art space and unleash Thai soft power on a grand scale

Immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere filled with the essence of Thailand, as Tops transforms its branches into an artistic haven, adorned with photobooths, tuk-tuks, and symbols of Thailand’s soft power, celebrated worldwide. Embrace modern designs that beautifully blend Thai identity, crafted by Thai artists, established within Tops stores for both Thai and international visitors to capture memorable photos and elevate the shopping experience. Enhance the ambience with in-store media decorations, designed to enhance the shopping experience. Additionally, receive a complimentary ‘Discover Thailand’ t-shirt and elephant pants, along with customizable stickers, for every purchase of 2,500 baht, Exclusive for CT1 credit cardholders: Get a 100-baht Tops Gift Voucher for every 2,500 baht spent per receipt. Limit of 3,000 vouchers, available from 10 to 23 April 2024.

Discover Partner Ecosystem: full experience of fun – eat, shop, travel, and enjoy with special promotions from renowned brands.

Celebrate this high season with unbeatable value for every shopping trip. Tops has partnered with various renowned brands to roll out an all-in-one campaign featuring promotions for travel, dining, shopping, and more. Catering to travel enthusiasts, those who book AirAsia flights and show their boarding passes will receive a 50 baht discount when spending 500 baht or more at Tops. Movie buffs can enjoy a discount of 50 baht per seat at SF cinemas with a purchase of 500 baht or more at Tops, from today until 30 April 2024. Plus, grab exclusive deals with up to 15% cashback and 0% instalments for 6 months when using participating credit cards.

Discover the Unseen Tastes of Thailand: create unforgettable memories this summer!

Elevate your summer enjoyment by exploring the unseen side of Thailand. Besides shopping and savoring authentic Thai products, Tops invites you to embark on a special culinary adventure with the Unseen Food Trip event. Join celebrities, such as Jiratchapong ‘Force’ and Kasidet ‘Book’ from popular series, as they take you on a journey to discover Thailand from a fresh perspective, uncovering hidden culinary treasures along the way. Simply spend 500 baht or more per receipt at Tops to qualify for a chance to be one of the 20 lucky winners on this exclusive trip. Register with your receipt at https://tops.sh/s/veZ3Kf. Start shopping and registering today until 23 April 2024. Exclusive to The1 members only.

Discover The Power of Sharing: Spread happiness to body and soul, spreading the spirit of sharing to benefit society.

Radiant both in body and spirit, Tops are all aware of the spirit of the Thai people during the Songkran festival, which coincides with the merit-making rituals to welcome the Thai New Year. Therefore, we never miss the opportunity to invite customers to pass on small acts of kindness to share happiness with society. We invite you to donate to the Golden Jubilee Medical Centre at Mahidol University’s “Pay it Forward: Get a Chance…Give a Chance”, under collaboration of the Faculty of Medicine, Siriraj Hospital to enhance the medication service capability, upgrade the operating room, and expand the inpatient ward of the Golden Jubilee Medical Center, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital.

Mr Chakkit Chatupanyachotikul, Head of Marketing, Public Relations & CSV of Central Food Retail under Central Retail, stated, “In welcoming the arrival of the Songkran festival or Thai New Year, a time of joy that brings vibrancy to tourism from both Thais and foreigners alike, Tops, as a leading Thai food retailer, is pleased to be part of stimulating spending for shoppers’ high season, reflecting the Thai cultural identity to both Thai and international tourists, especially through Thai cuisine, which is one of the powerful soft powers of the country. With the campaign ‘Discover Thailand: Land of Food, Land of Smiles’, celebrating an extraordinary summer according to the concept of Every Day DISCOVERY, allowing customers to discover something extraordinary every day at Tops.”

Discover the charm of Thai cultural identity and make this summer more ‘wow’ than ever by joining us for a full shopping experience at the ‘Discover Thailand: Land of Food, Land of Smiles’ event. Available from today until 23 April 2024 at Tops, Tops Food Hall, Tops Fine Food, and Tops daily at all branches. For more information, visit www.tops.co.th, TopsThailand on Facebook, or the LINE Official @TopsThailand. 

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