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Brussels Royal Conservatory Alum, Jonas Dept aka The PiANOLOGIST, to deliver unique Neoclassical stylings at Alliance Francaise

Internationally renowned musician, The PiANOLOGIST locked himself up in the Auditorium of Alliance Française Bangkok for 48 hours with the Steinway & sons and a pair of mics to record his debut album. The album debuts on 22 September. Jonas Dept will also be playing the anthem he composed for Alliance Francaise for the first time with world-respected Gong Goddess Melanie Giles-Clapp. Promising a four dimensional experience, The PiANOLOGIST’s performance convey his extensive travels of his extensive travels through neoclassical acoustic piano melodies with contemporary synthesizers, accompanied by a modern dance performance against an aurora-inspired backdrop.

Also known as Jonas Dept, The PiANOLOGIST is equipped with experience from the most esteemed classical musical organisations, such as the UK’s Royal Academy of Dance, as well as knowledge from the decade he spent travelling the world, The PiANOLOGIST created new compositions and chords that can be experienced in four dimensions. Every performance by Jonas Dept stimulates all of the audience’s senses.

Groomed from a young age towards a classical music career, The PiANOLOGIST aka Jonas Dept boasts experience with some of the world’s most regarded organizations. Dept’s nine years at the Brussels Royal Conservatory as a performing pianist, orchestra conductor and a composer further testifies to the musician’s commitment to music. Furthermore, Dept spent the following nine years as a travelling pianist for the United Kingdom’s highly prestigious Royal Academy of Dance. After 18 years with classical music authorities, The PiANOLOGIST continued to collect accolades from musical competitions all across the globe.

A decade in Southeast Asia equipped The PiANOLOGIST with ample knowledge and experience in Asian instruments. The musician fuses sounds, art and philosophies from the two hemispheres into something unique. “Music is a reflection of natural wonders, ancestral rituals, and present sentiments. I do my best to convey my passion, the beauty of each instrument, and the current atmosphere of the world in my pieces. I’m excited for the audience to hear my new album, composed right here in Thailand last year,” said The PiANOLOGIST .

The PiANOLOGIST will be holding a performance at Alliance Francaise on 22 August at 6 PM onwards.


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