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Chiang Rai: Essence of Thai Heritage

In the era of social media, personal identity is often expressed through travel experiences. Showcasing one’s lifestyle, status, and pursuits of happiness through visits to new places, trying unique foods, shopping, and exploring exotic locales it is more than just about gaining popularity through attractive photos.

Indeed, travel reveals something deeper for some individuals. They discover, tucked away in their journeys, the meaning of life and the essence of existence. This understanding stems from experiences gained from a world rich in diverse languages, cultures, and locations. It inspires a life of profound meaning, transcending external factors.

Travel can teach us more valuable lessons than reading multiple books because the experiences and emotions encountered are unique and distinct from the stories and reviews we read. Each social interaction, environmental element, the person we meet, and even the weather contribute to these singular experiences and lessons. Despite meticulous planning, the unpredictable nature of circumstances can lead to unexpected situations.

In 2023, Thailand initiated a meaningful travel journey, leveraging its soft power to offer experiences that deeply resonate with us. The charm of Thai identity, fostered by our cultural roots, allows us Thais to welcome travellers warmly. As gracious hosts, we share experiences and genuine hospitality, encapsulating the essence of Thai life.

This approach contributes to community income and promotes sustainable growth in the tourism industry. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) aims to generate revenue of 2.38 trillion baht in 2023, at least 80% of the amount seen in 2019, the pre-pandemic year. Amid global economic challenges, including war-related crises impacting key sectors such as exports, tourism is driving Thailand’s economy forward.

Chiang Rai serves as a gateway to the Thai Lanna people’s lifestyle and deep cultural roots. This province, a blend of diverse cultures and ethnicities, including the Lanna, Chinese immigrants, and hill tribes, encapsulates the beauty of Chiang Rai’s cultural heritage. Influenced by the Lanna culture, it embodies a lifestyle intertwined with nature and the simplicity of art passed down through generations via arts and cuisine. The charming and unique lifestyle of Chiang Rai, with its soft power, offers a distinctive identity. In collaboration with Foodpanda, TAT has invited international influencers and journalists living in Thailand to personally experience and learn about the lifestyle of the Chiang Rai people.




Written By:  Prakaidown Baengsuntia







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