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Monday, December 11, 2023

Creativity and Flair Flow at Jim Thompson Surawong’s Mixology Masterclass

 Jim Thompson continues to curate an exclusive shopping experience, offering tailor-made workshops every month at its flagship store on Surawong Road. Exclusively for its valued customers and Jim Thompson members, these workshops aim to enhance the lifestyle experience within the store. The most recent event was themed ‘Mixology Masterclass’ and served as a celebration of the grand opening of The O.S.S. Bar, an exciting new hangout spot nestled within the Jim Thompson Heritage Quarter. This exceptional cocktail and mocktail masterclass not only delighted Bangkok’s elite but also introduced them to the dazzling gem that is The O.S.S. Bar, situated in the heart of Bangkok’s ‘Golden Shopping Mile.’ Guiding the evening with expertise and panache was the talented bar manager, Siriwan ‘Ploy’ Sinpan. Notable luminaries, influencers, and celebrities were transported into a world of creativity and flair as they created a diverse range of cocktails and mocktails. Adding to the evening were the electric rhythms of DJ P-U Tharathorn Bhumirat, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

The event exuded a delightfully stylish and fun atmosphere, with celebrities and fashion-forward individuals adorned in a range of Jim Thompson clothing and accessories, including scarves and bags. Each collection showcased the brand’s unique touch, and its signature prints beautifully fused contemporary designs with traditional Thai elements. The ready-to-wear items provided not only comfort but also versatility, making them suitable for any occasion.

During the event, the skilled mixologists from the newly opened The O.S.S. Bar, channelling the spirit of Thompson, delighted the attendees by serving an array of creative and innovative drinks. Among these, the ‘Mystery’ stands out – a drink inspired by the puzzling disappearance of Jim Thompson in 1967. Every sip echoes the enigma that surrounded Thompson’s final chapter. So, join us to explore these cocktail creations with a modern Thai twist, all waiting to be discovered.

Says Siriwan Sinpan the bar manager, “THE O.S.S. BAR is a labour of love, a place where history, creativity, and mixology converge. We’ve crafted each cocktail with meticulous attention to detail, aiming to transport our guests on a journey through time and flavour. Here, every sip tells a story.”

As Surawong echoed with the sounds of this masterclass, whispers about the newly opened The O.S.S. Bar became a loud murmur. Rooted in tales from the American WWII intelligence era, The O.S.S. Bar is inspired by the riveting stories of Jim Thompson’s time as an intelligence officer. Stories that were only ever whispered about.

This new bar at the Jim Thompson Heritage Quarter is an ode to timeless elegance, harmonizing vintage aesthetics with modern sophistication. Once inside, patrons at The O.S.S. Bar are surrounded by subtle nods to Thompson’s ties to the clandestine world of the Office of Strategic Services. Vintage photographs, cherished artefacts, and whispered tales set the scene. Here, every cocktail, every sip, is a tribute to Thompson’s myriad adventures and his larger-than-life persona.

The O.S.S. Bar isn’t just a haven for drinks; it’s an odyssey. With live performances ranging from soulful jazz to modern beats, guests are promised a trip to an age filled with allure and romance.

The O.S.S. Bar welcomes cocktail enthusiasts every day, 6 pm – 12 am. Step in for an evening that intertwines the magic of yesteryears with today’s vibrancy.

Check out Facebook: Jim Thompson and Instagram: Jimthompson.official to never miss an update on exclusive events.

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