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Elevate Your Home Cinema: BenQ’s Perfect HDR Projectors!

BenQ, the leading DLP 4K projector brand, today introduced all-new home cinema projectors, each optimized to deliver unprecedented levels of cinematic quality in different at-home settings.

The W4000i centrally feature pioneering BenQ HDR-PRO projector-optimized high dynamic range techniques, including Local Contrast Enhancement, to reveal fine details in difficult bright or dark scenes. They also deliver ideally balanced brightness in situations ranging from dedicated AV rooms to daytime living rooms, for professional-standard color gamut performance up to future-generation BT. 2020.

“Our new projectors far surpass today’s boundaries of resolution, color gamut, and dynamic range for the ultimate in cinematic HDR movie experiences,” said Mr. Roger Chen, Director of BenQ Thailand. “Combining true 4K resolution, CinematicColor™-powered coverage beyond Rec.709 to DCI-P3 and BT.2020, and newly enhanced HDR-PRO technology, Home projectors outshine the competition with certified Android TV and native Netflix for endless entertainment.”

Beyond HDR Quality with BenQ HDR-PRO

The next evolution of BenQ-proprietary HDR-PRO technology imbues the HDR10+ / HDR10 / HLG content with magnificent depth, revealing previously hidden cinematic details in both bright and dark scenes. HDR-PRO enhances the projectors’ overall dynamic range with industry-leading Local Contrast Enhancement and optimal HDR Tone Mapping, enabling perfect details in shadows and highlights for better stereo perception. The Local Contrast Enhancement is a cutting-edge algorithm that divides each scene into 1000+ zones and optimizes each zone’s gamma independently, Local Contrast Enhancer preserves fine details in bright regions as well as shadowy areas of the screen.

CinematicColor Reproduces the Colors as the Directors Intended

Surpassing the competition with hyper-realistic color performance, BenQ home projectors achieve superb 4K HDR visual quality with CinematicColor technology. Each new projector conforms precisely to the Rec.709 HDTV color space, the wider DCI-P3 digital filmmaking color spectrum, and even the super-wide BT.2020 ideal-color future standard. Harnessing novel lamp, LED, and RGB laser light sources, each new projector produces ideally balanced brightness and color performance with factory-calibrated out-of-box color accuracy in different rooms of the house:

  • W4000i: Videophile Performance in Purpose-Built Dark AV Rooms
    For professional screening rooms, W4000i provides CinematicColor 100% DCI-P3 performance with 3200 ANSI-lumen brightness from 4LED light source.

Each new BenQ home projector is equipped with Google-certified Android TV and preloaded Netflix for endless streaming and movie enjoyment, augmented by comprehensive AV connectivity and wireless capabilities, and integrated immersive audio systems to complete your home theater.

To learn more about BenQ projectors, please visit BenQ.com. https://bit.ly/43bHo3v

BenQ Exclusive Demo Showroom by Theater House Co., Ltd

Location: 144 Phimon Rat, Bang Bua Thong District, Nonthaburi 11110

Call: 096 639 4932


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