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Elevated Vietnamese Street Food Extravaganza!

Vietnam is a compelling culinary destination where world-class cuisine can be discovered all across the country, from sizzling roadside stalls to fine-dining restaurants. Vinpearl Landmark 81, Autograph Collection, the flagship five-star hotel on the upper floors of Vietnam’s tallest building, is elevating Vietnamese gastronomy to exciting new levels of excellence by reimagining the country’s iconic street food and presenting it truly spectacular settings, high above the city.

Rising 461 meters from the banks of the Saigon River, Vinpearl Landmark 81 is so tall that its crowning spire is often shrouded in clouds. Within this iconic skyscraper, guests can discover some of the most exclusive dining experiences the city has to offer, including Oriental Pearl, the 66th floor restaurant which pairs exquisite Vietnamese and international cuisine with breath-taking views, and The Cloud, the chic café and bar which specializes in premium coffee, handcrafted chocolates and organic wines.

Within these sky-high venues, a talented team of chefs – led by visionary Executive Chef Le Trung – peel back layers of culture and heritage to offer a new perspective on Vietnamese street food. By sourcing high-quality local, seasonal and imported ingredients, and blending the country’s time-honored culinary traditions with modern epicurean artistry, Vinpearl Landmark 81 has crafted new versions of three national dishes: ph (Vietnamese noodle soup), cơm sườn (pork with broken rice), and cà phê (traditional Vietnamese coffee).

Ph Chc Tri (“Landmark Pho”) is an indulgent reimagining of Vietnam’s national dish, phở – one of the planet’s most popular noodle soups. At Oriental Pearl, Executive Chef Le Trung uses deeply marbled wagyu beef, responsibly reared and imported straight from the lush grasslands of Australia, to create a dish that simply melts in the mouth. Served with handmade noodles in a broth made from succulent beef shin, rich oxtail, prime short ribs and chicken carcasses, gently simmered for 48 hours and enhanced with fresh, locally-sourced Vietnamese herbs, this is phở like you’ve never tasted it before!

The Cloud Coffee celebrates Vietnam’s rich history of coffee making, which dates back over 150 years. The Cloud, the elegant café in the sky, has crafted an ethereal blend that features a cloud of cotton candy which slowly drips its sweetness into the premium Lacàph coffee, which sources organic beans from farmers in Dak Lak, the “home of Vietnamese coffee” in the Central Highlands. Sitting high up in the clouds, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, this is the perfect pairing with single origin chocolates.

Cơm Sườn Saigon (pork cutlet with broken rice) has humble origins. Farmers took the leftover rice grains that had been broken during the milling process, and used them to feed their families. It has since become a staple of southern Vietnam. At Oriental Pearl, diners can experience an extraordinary version of this delectable dish: a prime Iberico pork cutlet served with the world’s finest rice, ST25, which is harvested in the Mekong Delta, and a steamed egg pudding made using organic, free-range eggs. Accompanied by unparalleled views from the 66th floor, this is a dish that customers return to try time and again!

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