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Emirates Unveils Spectacular Offerings at Arabian Travel Market 2024

Emirates Fleet at DXB.In a resounding declaration of confidence in the travel and tourism industry’s resurgence, Emirates is set to dominate this year’s Arabian Travel Market (ATM) with its most extensive presence yet. Commencing on 6th May, the airline’s sprawling stand, occupying a staggering 975 square meters in the Sheikh Saeed Hall, promises visitors an unparalleled experience.

Enthusiasts and industry insiders can anticipate captivating offerings at the Emirates booth, poised to captivate and inspire. The renowned signature product displays are at the forefront of attractions, showcasing Emirates’ acclaimed innovations and luxurious amenities. Among these, the eagerly awaited Emirates Premium Economy seat, now gracing 15 cities, takes centre stage. Offering an expansive legroom of up to 40 inches, spacious seats, and a generous recline, it epitomizes comfort and elegance in air travel. Visitors will also marvel at the iconic Boeing 777-300ER First Class fully enclosed private suite, the cutting-edge Boeing 777 Business Class seat, and the latest generation A380 Onboard Lounge. Noteworthy mentions include the esteemed First Class Shower Spa and the revolutionary Economy Class seats, promising an unparalleled journey experience. Accompanying these displays will be Emirates’ affable Cabin Crew, ready to elucidate product features and address queries, ensuring an immersive engagement for attendees.

Adnan Kazim Deputy President and CCO Emirates. - Ales Photography FZ LLE
Adnan Kazim Deputy President and CCO Emirates.

Adding to the allure is the Emirates Official Store, a treasure trove of aviation memorabilia and limited-edition merchandise. From coveted aircraft models to bespoke items inspired by the airline’s sporting affiliations, including the Wimbledon Championship 2024 collection and exclusive sailing merchandise, visitors will find an array of keepsakes to cherish. Furthermore, the store will showcase a curated selection of locally sourced products adorned with the iconic Emirates ghaf motif, encompassing home fragrances, cactus leather goods, and premium leather bags.

Emirates’ unwavering commitment to sustainability takes centre stage, with a dedicated section at the stand spotlighting the airline’s eco-conscious initiatives. From responsibly sourced onboard amenities to innovative ‘Air-crafted by Emirates’ luggage fashioned from upcycled materials, the showcase underscores the company’s pledge to reduce emissions, promote responsible consumption, and safeguard biodiversity. Interactive screens will illuminate critical environmental endeavours, offering insights into Emirates’ multifaceted approach to environmental stewardship.

Beyond the spectacle of product showcases and sustainability initiatives, the Emirates stand is a hub for strategic engagements. Boasting meeting spaces capable of accommodating over 130 visitors and industry partners concurrently, the airline aims to foster collaborations and solidify relationships with tourism boards, airlines, and vital stakeholders within the travel ecosystem. This proactive approach underscores Emirates’ steadfast belief in the industry’s resilience and unwavering commitment to driving progress and innovation.

As the Arabian Travel Market beckons, Emirates stands poised to captivate attendees with its unrivalled offerings and visionary outlook. Positioned at the forefront of aviation excellence, the airline’s presence epitomizes a celebration of innovation, sustainability, and collaborative spirit, setting the stage for a transformative journey into the future of travel.




Written by: Madhura Katti







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