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Game-Changer: One Night Standard App!

The Standard_Logo_web-redIn a grand resurgence, Standard International, one of the global front-runners in creating exceptional lifestyle hospitality experiences, has proudly announced the much-anticipated reboot of its renowned One Night Standard app. Once more, thrill-seekers and spontaneous adventurers can avail themselves of the lowest possible same-night booking rates across the diverse and luxurious Standard hotel portfolio, from New York to Maldives, London to Miami, and beyond.THE STANDARD REINTRODUCES “ONE NIGHT STANDARD”

Initially unveiled in 2015, the One Night Standard app set a precedent as the first-ever application developed by a hotel brand for last-minute room bookings. The app was widely acclaimed for providing Standard’s clientele the flexibility to secure the most affordable same-night accommodation with minimal notice. This dynamic tool effectively provided respite for those seeking to prolong their night out or those desiring an impromptu sanctuary instead of the daunting prospect of a long commute.

Sadly, in response to the global COVID-19 crisis, Standard International temporarily discontinued the service. However, in a climate now rife with an intense longing for excitement and spontaneity, the app is back – bigger, better, and in more locations than ever.

The company’s CEO, Amber Asher, spoke passionately about the relaunch, “We’re seeing a massive resurgence in travel and a collective craving for spontaneous living. We’re ecstatic to reintroduce One Night Standard to those who’ve dearly missed it and have been rallying for its return. With new captivating locations like Ibiza and Bangkok now part of our portfolio, we’re offering even more opportunities for spontaneous late-night fun.”

The One Night Standard app, famous for its user-friendly interface, ensures that a perfect night’s stay at any of the Standard’s luxurious hotels is only a few swipes away. No matter the situation – a party that ran late, a surprise romantic escapade, or even a staycation to escape visiting relatives- the app provides immediate access to the best room rates from 3 p.m. each day.

The forthcoming version of the One Night Standard app promises exciting partnerships, such as a collaboration with Feeld, the progressive dating app. The partnership aims to enhance the diverse experiences of Standard’s guests by encouraging both existing and new Feeld members to explore personal connections.

As the Standard brand grows internationally, One Night Standard is expected to follow suit. Future expansions into Singapore and Melbourne are planned for next year, with subsequent openings in Lisbon, Dublin, Brussels, Austin, and Brooklyn.

To become part of this spontaneous lifestyle revolution, the One Night Standard app is available for download from the App Store or Google Play.

Encouraging spontaneity and celebrating life is the Standard way of living. Dive into the unanticipated with One Night Standard!





Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)







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