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IT&CM and CTW 2023: A Revival of Global MICE Industry

ITCM-Asia logoIn a monumental comeback, the 31st IT&CM Asia and 26th CTW Asia-Pacific of 2023 became a sparkling display of the MICE industry’s resilience, merging business pursuits with diverse activities. Considering the need for personal touchpoints in an ever-digital age, an event of such grandeur was awaited.

This year’s assembly breathed life into the convention floor with an amplified vibrancy never witnessed before. Beyond the business and academic undertakings, attendees revelled in a panorama of indoor and outdoor activities, forging bonds and sharing insights.

The forum proudly hosted over 240 fresh and frequent destinations, merging their charm with brands that left an indelible mark. Accompanying these were over 400 MICE, Association, and Corporate Buyers spanning 50 distinct nations, seizing unparalleled opportunities to procure and network.

Embarking on a fresh journey, Asia Ability orchestrated the congenial “Say Hi to Everyone” initiative, nurturing deeper ties and catalyzing fresh alliances. Attendees weren’t merely confined to the convention milieu. A picturesque tour around Bangkok’s gems, including The Chaopraya Charming and Saneh Bangkok, painted a vivid backdrop to the event. Pre-registered patrons also found leisure at the vivacious Topgolf Megacity.

The Opening Keynote witnessed the eloquence of Mr. Bhummikitti Ruktaengam, the stalwart President of the Sustainable Tourism Development Foundation and the Adviser of the Phuket Tourist Association. He gave the audience insights into how tourism and MICE partnerships bolster Thai communities. The year’s prime emphasis lay in interlacing communities to buttress tourism and MICE alliances.

As dusk enveloped the first day, attendees were amidst a magnificent Opening Ceremony, magnificently co-hosted by Thailand’s revered Convention and Exhibition Bureau. An enchanting evening unveiled a melange of Thai gastronomical delights complemented by captivating performances by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s traditional dance troupe and the illustrious SwingKings.

The convention wasn’t solely about dialogues. It was an experience! The world-renowned Pattaya City captured many hearts with its statement, “A trip to Pattaya is beyond business. It’s where visitors bask in the city’s allure anytime, any way they wish.”

Exhibitors leveraged the opportunity to immerse attendees in authentic experiences. Booths transformed into experiential realms. Culinary enthusiasts relished delicacies from MEET TAIWAN. Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute & The Economic Development Bureau of Hengqin delighted with a Lion Dance show, grand destination reveals, and lucky draws. The virtual blended seamlessly with the real as attendees interacted with Augmented Reality presented by the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB). The Mulia Hotel & Resort Bali added an element of suspense with a rewarding lucky draw.

From the preliminary feedback, a consistent sentiment resonated. Delegates highly valued the fusion of networking and educational facets, accentuated by strategically timed engagements. The expansive appointment slots endowed delegates with the luxury of time, enabling them to delve into different conferences, brand interactions, knowledge capsules, and showcases besides the diverse stalls.

For a detailed dive into this monumental gathering, enthusiasts and professionals can explore www.itcma.com and www.corporatetravelworld.com/apac.




Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)







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