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Sizzler, Thailand’s leading steak and salad bar restaurant, upholds an unprecedented standard of Freshness, Premium Quality, and Excellence

Sizzler, a renowned steak and salad bar restaurant cherished by Thai patrons for over three decades, unveils its business success after operating under the concept of “Over 30 Years of Sizzling Experiences“. The restaurant’s strong performance can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to offering freshness, superiority, and quality through its unconventional culinary offerings and ongoing special events. As a result, overall business has experienced significant growth and positive momentum. Simultaneously, Sizzler has embarked on a year-end sales boost initiative through a ‘festive marketing’ strategy by introducing three delectable steak recipes to usher in the holiday season: Bacon-Wrapped Seabass SteakBacon-Wrapped Beef Loin Steak, and Grilled Sous Vide Beef Prime Rib Cote De Boeuf. This culinary lineup is complemented by a range of promotional marketing activities. Anticipations are high that this approach will further bolster Sizzler’s growth during the peak season, ensuring a splendid conclusion to 2023.

Mr. Anirute David Collins, General Manager of SLRT Limited Company; a subsidiary of The Minor Food Group Plc.; a restaurant operator under the brand Sizzler, highlighted that Sizzler’s business expansion is in line with the company’s established concept, “Over 30 Years of Sizzling Experiences,” rooted in over three decades of expertise in the realm of steak and salad bars. This success is underpinned by an unwavering commitment to delivering freshness (Fresh), premium service (Premium), and unparalleled quality (Quality). These principles manifest in the Sizzling menu, which features premium steaks crafted in various styles using imported ingredients. The “Farmers’ Festival,” also contributes significantly to Sizzler’s success. This involves sourcing fresh produce directly from local farmer farms, including items like watermelons, tomatoes, and pineapples, to craft a diverse salad bar menu encompassing both savory and sweet offerings. This initiative commenced in April and has continued to the present day, receiving an enthusiastic response from consumers. As a result, Sizzler has experienced an impressive overall growth.

“In addition to introducing fresh main course recipes and continually updating the salad bar options, Sizzler maintains its strong customer base by offering exclusive benefits through the E-Member Loyalty Program, boasting the current membership to exceed 400,000 individuals. With over 90% of its customers choosing to dine in, Sizzler consistently focuses on tailoring the ambiance of its outlets to align with the spirit of different festive occasions. This year, the aim is to provide customers with a fresh and immersive dining experience. Apart from enhancing customer engagement with the brand, this approach is anticipated to boost dine-in sales. With such remarkable success, Sizzler is gearing up to expand its marketing efforts, aiming to add vibrancy and enhance the overall happiness of our valued consumers,” said Anirute.

In the fourth quarter, a period synonymous with joyful festivals, Sizzler remains committed to fostering growth through its ‘festive marketing’ strategy, using these festivities as a means to underscore the uniqueness of its culinary offerings. This strategy is designed to entice discerning customers who relish dining out to commemorate special occasions and savor top-quality meals suitable for everyone in any celebration. To this end, Sizzler is introducing three premium steak recipes, specially crafted to conclude the grand festivities of this year-end:

  • The Bacon-Wrapped Sea Bass Steak is a delectable creation, featuring a perfectly grilled, firm sea bass steak enveloped in crispy bacon. It is elegantly presented alongside an array of fresh tomatoes, avocado, homemade cheese, lemon, and asparagus. It is served with a side of seafood mayo, all for just 549 baht.
  • The Bacon-Wrapped Beef Loin Steak showcases premium beef loin imported from Australia, allowing you to choose your preferred level of doneness. This juicy steak is lovingly wrapped in bacon and accompanied by a medley of fresh tomatoes, avocado, homemade cheese, and asparagus. It’s served with a flavorful black pepper sauce, all for just 899 baht.
  • The Grilled Sous Vide Beef Prime Rib Cote De Boeuf, designed for two, features a sumptuous sous vide prime rib steak. You have the liberty to select your preferred level of doneness. This delectable dish is garnished with cafe de Paris butter and rosemary and served alongside a fresh sprout salad and potato wedges, complemented by both black pepper sauce and truffle sauce. What’s more, it comes with a Japanese-style hot stone plate, allowing you to sear the meat to your desired level of doneness. The dish is priced at 1,999 baht. 

“Sizzler expects to achieve our targeted growth in business results for this year. Looking ahead to 2024, the company remains committed to delivering freshness, premium offerings, and quality through the introduction of new steak menus and salad bars. Additionally, we are planning to implement loyalty programs that will offer special privileges to customers at all membership levels. Moreover, we will be expanding our presence by opening new branches in department stores and key cities across the country, with the aim of providing consumers with an even more exclusive dining experience,” Anirute concluded. 

For further details, dial Sizzler’s Public Relations Department at 02-365-6934. Additionally, visit the restaurant’s Facebook Fan Page at www.facebook.com/SizzlerThai or explore its website at www.sizzler.co.th. To easily apply for membership, simply add friends and register via LINE Official Account @SizzlerThai.

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