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TADA to Launch Zero-Commission Ride-Hailing Service in Thailand; First Stop Bangkok

TADA, Southeast Asia’s trailblazing zero-commission ride-hailing platform, is excited to announce its official entry into the Thai market. It is expected to commence its services in the bustling city of Bangkok in the fourth quarter of 2023.

After gaining impressive traction and market share in Singapore, Cambodia, and Vietnam, TADA is extending its reach to Thailand, reflecting its commitment to delivering quality, affordable transportation solutions to a broader audience.

A Strategic Expansion 

TADA’s entry into Thailand is not just about growth; it’s about fostering partnerships and integrating seamlessly with local communities. A local team was formed in the first half of the year, emphasizing the company’s dedication to localizing its services. TADA will invest significantly to grow and thrive in the Thai market.

“We’re not only entering Thailand; we’re embedding ourselves within its transportation ecosystem,” said Sean Kim, CEO of TADA. “Through our collaboration with a prominent local taxi company, we’ll bring over 2,000 drivers onboard through an integration process that benefits both drivers and riders.”

TADA’s driver registration is now officially open, and the company invites all interested drivers to download the TADA driver app to commence their registration process. This initiation marks the beginning of a new era of zero-commission driving opportunities for Thai drivers.

A Revolution in RideHailingThe ZeroCommission Platform Fee Model 

At the heart of TADA’s innovative approach is the unique zero-commission platform fee model, a game-changer for both passengers and drivers. Unlike traditional ride-hailing platforms taking a high commission for every ride, TADA takes no commission with only a small fixed platform fee. This strategic commitment enables the company to create a more equitable, transparent, and financially rewarding ecosystem.

“For us, it’s our promise and commitment for fairness and empowerment that we have kept from the day one to today” explains Sean Kim, CEO of TADA. “By taking only a small platform fee instead of a commission, we’re able to offer stable, equitable fares to our passengers without high surges. We believe in a ride-hailing experience that’s fair to everyone involved.”

This model has a profound impact on drivers, who keep most of whatever is earned from the fares. The result is meaningful income uplifts, enabling drivers to benefit more directly from their hard work and dedication.

“Our drivers are our partners, and they should be remunerated accordingly,” adds Sean Kim. “With our zero-commission platform, drivers have the opportunity to build a more sustainable livelihood, and passengers can enjoy affordable rides without compromising quality.”

The introduction of this model in Thailand reflects TADA’s broader vision of transforming the ride-hailing industry into a more equitable space where technology serves the people, rather than profit alone.

“Thailand is ready for a new approach to ride-hailing, one that puts the people first,” concludes Sean Kim. “With TADA, we’re taking a bold step in that direction, creating a platform where everyone wins.” 

The zerocommission policy of TADA has been helping me and other driver colleagues achieve my daily targets without stressChasing after incentives by platforms with high commissions makes many drivers work longer hours and experience burnout at timesWith TADA, with zerocommission, I feel more relaxed and am comfortable driving at my own paceAt TADA, I can also choose the job cards I want – unlike on other platforms, the job cards are assigned to meRejecting any of them may affect ones rating which are often tied up to incentives and other perks.  In a nutshell, compared with some platforms, TADA doesnt just give more earning opportunities but also makes me feel like a real Driver-‘Partner’!” shared Said Salim, a driverpartner who has been driving TADA for the last five years in Singapore.

A Credible and Proven Operator 

Licensed by Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA), TADA has been challenging the status quo for the last five years. Engagement with the Department of Land Transport (DLT) of Thailand has been ongoing since the start of the year with TADA officially submitting its license application this month.

“We seek to comply with our local regulations in Thailand to operate a safe, reliable and trustworthy platform. To complement our digital approach, we are also investing in the human touch,” added Sean Kim. “A physical driver center will open in one month to house driver training, customer service, and safety teams. This reflects our enduring commitment to our drivers and customers alike.”

Having personally witnessed the stability in fares and the enthusiastic response from drivers in our existing markets, I am filled with confidence in TADA’s ability to usher in positive change in ThailandOur unique service and model are poised to enhance the transportation landscape, providing both greater options for passengers and increased savings and earnings for our valued drivers and riders alike.” said MsSupatta Neamvanichakul, TADA Head of Public Affairs and Policy in Thailand.

TADA is a part of the larger MVLLABS Group. The group was founded by Mr. Kay Woo, and has also developed the ONiON EV which has successfully finished a pilot with the CP Group.

“We want to bring bigger values and benefits to Thailand step by step.” said Kay Woo, Chairman and Group CEO of MVL.

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