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TCEB Engages World’s Mice Leaders In ‘Thailand Mice Forum’, Empowering Thailand To Champion Regional Mice

TCEB holds the Thailand MICE Forum 2019 (TMF 2019, the high-profile MICE entrepreneur symposium, pooling executives from the world’s leading MICE associations to unveil their perspectives to strengthen Thai MICE. Declaring Thailand’s potentiality as the region’s top destination for MICE, the convention will uncover Thailand’s vision to drive Thai MICE in 2020.     

Mr. Chiruit Isarangkun Na Ayuthaya, President, Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization) or TCEB, disclosed that TCEB has continued to hold the Thailand MICE Forum 2019 or TMF 2019 for three consecutive years. Holding with the “Thailand’s Opportunity: Asia’s Top MICE Destination”concept, the convention this year will serve as an arena that creates awareness and enthusiasm for Thai MICE entrepreneurs to collaborate and seek new opportunities together for which will drive Thailand towards becoming Asia’s Top MICE Destination, having all segments in Thai MICE marched to succeed in the same direction basing on undivided strategies.

“This year, highlights are remarkable, as TCEB has the honour of welcoming executives from the world’s most prominent MICE associations, including The Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE), International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) and The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry or UFI, who will be joining Thai entrepreneurs to unveil their viewpoints on how to strengthen Thailand’s competitiveness with global MICE standpoints. Further, there will be a special lecture on the “Customer-First Experience Creation for Business Events” by executives from Thailand’s key business sector, including Dusit Thani Group, Siam Piwat and ThaiBev. The talks will be immensely beneficial to the betterment of Thai MICE, as well as to international MICE business dealings.”

At TMF 2019, TCEB, as the main state agency who drives Thai MICE businesses, is ready to uncover our vision in the expedition of Thai MICE in 2020, embracing our movements in operations, marketing and management under which will be implemented by the 5-path framework: the expedition of national MICE; the generation and distribution of income across regions; the projection of images for Thai MICE and TCEB as Thailand’s key agency that drives Thai MICE; the development of innovations and competitiveness, and the re-engineering of the organisation to grow as a 4.0 Public Organisation, spanning human resources, offices, procedures, and ethical and transparent management.

The expedition of MICE will emphasise attracting significant events and providing support for both regional or global events in line with the government’s policy. Generation and distribution of revenue across all regions will include the holding of MICE events in different regions of Thailand by which will be promoted further as international events. MICE development schemes will be crafted for secondary cities, side by side with MICE City standard development plan, which mainly engages particular marketing strategy through the MICE for Community Project, as well as development projects for regions and key districts, such as the EEC and the Thailand Riviera. Additionally, digital media will be given priority along with research works and big data arrangement. Invention of innovation and technology that support MICE businesses will be fulfilled. Development of personnel and entrepreneurs will be thoroughly implemented with equality to meet the standards.

Foreign MICE Market will see our concentration in Asian markets owing to high growth potential, while Europe, America and the Oceania are considered secondary markets. However, new markets will be sought, simultaneously. Domestic MICE Market will primely involve marketing and creating jobs in potential districts, as well as strengthening potential cities and special economic districts, such as the EEC. The S-curve targeted industries of Thai government will be included in TCEB schemes, spanning agriculture, tourism, foods and other potential industries of Thailand. All of which are expected to stimulate the economy, contribute to employment, as well as bolster trade and investment, thus making Thailand atop the ranking of the world’s top MICE destinations.

Estimated goals of Thai MICE in 2020 will see an approximate number of MICE travellers of 37,781,000, which can generate 232,700 million baht of revenue, comprising foreign MICE travellers of 1,386,000 with a projected amount of revenue of 105,600 million baht and domestic MICE travellers of 36,395,000 with an approximate revenue of 127,100 million baht.

TCEB President further said that Thailand has the honour of hosting a number of prominent events in the next fiscal year. For example, the 86th UFI Global Congress, during 6-9 November 2019 by The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry or UFI, will be held in the “Platforms of Trust : Connect – Engage – Succeed” concept with an estimated number of delegates of 550 from 50 countries worldwide. The convention consists of 5 activity zones, which are the Thai Town – a special zone that reflects the potential of exhibition industry and MICE Cities / Business seminar on “Thailand” as the world’s new exhibition destination / Business negotiation arena for Thai and foreign entrepreneurs / social activities and friendship golfing.

Delegates will enjoy a reception programme that reflects Thai culture and tradition, ranging from charming and unique religious ceremonies, such as the temple fair, to watching Thai boxing and visiting the Museum Siam. This custom-designed event will be held at the ‘UFI Grand Night Out’ reception at Wat Pho, Tha Tien, before closing with a nature activity at Patom Organic Village at Suan Sampran.

“In hosting this event, TCEB firmly expects to create confidence of settling business in Thailand. The convention will accelerate business opportunities from 550 delegates from 50 countries worldwide, which can generate more than 44 million baht of revenue for Thai economy. Even better, the world will learn about the readiness of Bangkok, in terms of the capabilities to host global events. This definitely helps to enhance the image of Thailand as the mecca of world exhibitions.”

Mr. Kai Hattendorf, Managing Director/CEO, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), said, “Thailand’s global profile as a hub for international exhibitions has grown significantly in recent years, and our latest UFI research data shows that the market is well-positioned for additional growth in the years to come. Thailand’s MICE industry already serves as a vital case study on how strategic development, policies and investments lead to tangible economic results beyond tourism. For UFI, this was also part of the decision to select Bangkok as this year’s host destination for the Global UFI Congress.”

Mr. Talun Theng, President of Thai Exhibition Association (TEA), mentioned that, “The current situation of exhibition business in Thailand has seen constant growth every year. Exhibition spaces expand, each of which has initiated the uses of technology and innovation to excite visitors. To me, exhibition business in Thailand has the potential to grow and could make Thailand a world-class MICE destination. However, co-operation is required from all sectors in order to enhance our competitiveness, be it personnel, services, technology or specific regulations. As well, entrepreneurs should dedicate themselves to improving their standards. More active marketing moves should be made to attract global events to Thailand,

This year, the Thai Exhibition Association (TEA) is highly pleased to support the hosting of the 86th UFI Global Congress 2019 by Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization). The event offers an exceptional opportunity for Thai entrepreneurs to meet world-class organisers who wander to Thailand on this purpose.”

Moreover, there are numerous other MICE highlights in the Fiscal Year 2020 (October 2019 – September 2020). International Exhibitions include the ASEAN BIKE powered by EURO BIKE (3-5 Oct 2019) with 8,000 delegates; the Thailand Marine & Offshore Expo 2019 (9-11 Oct 2019) with 3,700 delegates; the VIV health & Nutrition Asia 2020 (24-26 Mar 2020) with 4,650 delegates. International Conventions include the Asia Fitness Conference (10-14 Oct 2019) for sports professionals and aviation investment with 1,200 delegates in Bangkok; the Routes Asia 2020 (8-10 Mar 2019) for airport business operations with 1,200 delegates in Chiang Mai. Meetings and Incentives include the Herbalife Southeast Asia Extravaganza 2020 (14-17 May 2020) with 10,000 delegates. Mega Event and International Festivals include the L’ÉTAPE THAILAND BY TOUR DE FRANCE (25-27 Oct 2019), one of the world’s largest cycling tournaments, with 16,000 delegates in Phang-Nga. Domestic Exhibitions include the Northeast Tech 2019 (31 Oct-3 Nov 2019) with 40,000 delegates in Nakhon Ratchasima and the Rice Expo 2019 (Nov 2019) in Roi Et.

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