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TRAVLR’s Groundbreaking Tech Revolutionizes Travel

Wandr TravelIn a bold move to redefine the digital travel commerce landscape, TRAVLR unveiled a revolutionary product offering in 2024. As a trailblazer in global whitelabel travel technology solutions, TRAVLR has expanded its horizons, introducing a game-changing content management system. This system is a beacon of innovation, allowing industry operators and professionals to craft customizable e-commerce travel websites with immediate access to a global network of tourism operators.

Over the past year, TRAVLR, a dynamic startup known for crafting tailored travel platforms for leading media brands, has pivoted its focus. This strategic shift aims to democratize access to advanced travel technology, empowering travel enthusiasts, industry professionals, influencers, and advisors across the globe.

TRAVLR_Create, Build and Launch
TRAVLR_Create, Build and Launch.

At the heart of this transformation is a user-friendly platform. This platform is a tool and a gateway for users to create comprehensive e-commerce travel platforms, encompassing all operational facets from aesthetic design to sourcing travel products and services, customer management, and transaction processing. The flexibility to customize and manage travel deals, independently or in collaboration with TRAVLR’s 24/7 support, is a testament to the company’s commitment to user empowerment and innovation.

This initiative paves the way for users to establish and manage their proprietary e-commerce travel storefronts. It’s a leap forward, offering direct access to an unparalleled network of premium tourism operators and advanced technology in partnership with industry giants like Aeronology, Hotelbeds, and TourRadar.

TRAVLR Manage Your Own Site
TRAVLR Manage Your Own Site.

Russell Carstensen, CEO of Aeronology, expressed his enthusiasm, praising TRAVLR’s user-friendly booking technology and foreseeing a synergistic evolution with Aeronology’s Air booking services. He highlights the pivotal moment in the travel industry, marked by advancements in cloud computing, AI, and digital travel distribution, positioning TRAVLR as a critical player in this global shift.

Similarly, Travis Pittman, CEO of TourRadar, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the partnership’s role in enhancing TRAVLR’s platform diversity with over 50,000 multi-day travel experiences. According to Pittman, this collaboration reinforces TourRadar’s commitment to accessible, organized adventures.

Pippa Williamson, VP of Commercial APAC at Hotelbeds, also shared her views on the partnership, underscoring their support in bringing a vast range of accommodation products to TRAVLR’s SME and enterprise partners globally.

Beyond the shopfront and e-commerce functionality, TRAVLR’s platform offers comprehensive performance metrics, enabling data-driven decisions to enhance service offerings and profitability. The platform’s robust global framework caters to international markets, featuring multi-currency tools and diverse payment options, including BNPL and Cryptocurrency.

Simon te Hennepe, CEO and Founder of TRAVLR, encapsulates this vision: “This new offering is more than a technological leap; it’s about forging a more interconnected and accessible travel industry.” He elaborates on TRAVLR’s substantial investment in technology, industry connections, and user experience, all converging to empower entrepreneurs and travel agents with a customized global travel inventory.

For those intrigued by the potential of creating their travel platform, TRAVLR extends an invitation to explore these possibilities at travlr.com.




Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)







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