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UK Exclusives at Thai Shoppers’ Fingertips

Tops, food business under Central Retail, joins the British Embassy Bangkok to organize “UK Highlights 2023”, inviting Thai consumers to enjoy more than 400 products and ingredients imported from the UK, as well as exclusive items at special prices available only at Tops Food Hall. Customers can enjoy original British flavors without travelling to the UK. Discover a new experience every day at Tops, the leader in quality products from around the world with a concept of Every Day DISCOVERY, from today to November 14, 2023 at every Tops Food Hall.

Mr. Stephane Coum, Chief Executive Officer Food Group, Central Retail, said, “The United Kingdom is considered another cultural and culinary destination that is unique and popular among consumers, making the food industry in the United Kingdom popular in many countries around the world. Tops, as a leader in sourcing the finest products from around the world, has partnered with the British Embassy in Thailand to organize “UK Highlights 2023”. This event aims to showcase the exquisite flavors of products and ingredients imported from the United Kingdom, including exclusive selections from renowned brands, available only at Tops Food Hall. This allows Thai customers to shop with delight, emphasizing Tops’s strategy of “Discover Newness” to deliver extraordinary everyday experiences to our customers.”

During the opening ceremony, we were honored by the presence of Mr. Ben Morley, the Commercial Counsellor and Thailand Country Director from the Department for International Trade (DBT) of the British Embassy in Bangkok. He participated in the inauguration and also toured the product festival. Mr. Stephane Coum, Chief Executive Officer Food Group, Central Retail, along with the management team, extended their warm welcome to the event.

At the event, you will discover a parade of food and ingredient products renowned from the United Kingdom, for over 400 items. Additionally, you can explore exclusive exquisitely curated products available solely at Tops Food Hall. For instance, the Limited Edition Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Tin Gift Set from Walkers, a tribute to the remarkable reign and legacy of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. There’s also the Waitrose Essential English Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese, known for its rich and intense flavor, made from high-quality milk. Moreover, you’ll find Waitrose & Partners English Breakfast Tea Leaves, a fragrant tea that offers a refreshing sensation. These leaves are carefully harvested and processed to deliver a high-quality tea experience.

Additionally, there is a wide array of popular and renowned brand products for you to choose from. For example, there’s Essential Waitrose, a frozen breaded cod, Marmite yeast spread which is packed with vitamin B for good health, Cadbury Wispa chocolate, Carr’s crackers, Fentimans tonic water, Bisto cheese sauce mix, and Maldon flake salt. Furthermore, you can savor special dishes expertly crafted by highly experienced chefs at Tops Eatery, allowing customers to delight in exquisite British cuisine. This includes dishes like Beef Wellington, Salmon Wellington, Honey Ham with Mash, Fish and Chips, and a delectable array of bakery items following traditional English recipes from The Baker.

Indulge in authentic British flavors without travelling to the UK at ‘UK Highlights 2023’ from today to November 14, 2023 at every Tops Food Hall or www.tops.co.th. For more details, follow Facebook Tops FoodHall or LINE  @TopsThailand.

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