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Revolutionary Skies: Thai-Based RC Airlines Poised for 2024 Takeoff

Really Cool AirlinesIn the Vanguard of Flight: Really Cool Airlines Revamps Future Air Travel.

In an era marked by rapid technological progress and shifting consumer expectations, one visionary Thai-owned start-up carrier is on the cusp of transforming the skies. Really Cool Airlines (RC) spearheads an unprecedented metamorphosis in the airline industry, championing a ‘lifestyle full service’ ethos that harmonizes luxury with innovation. At the helm of this ambitious venture is Patee Sarasin, a luminary in aviation with a track record of success as the former CEO of Nok Air. He’s not just launching an airline; he’s architecting a revolution in the skies.

As 2024 looms, RC Airlines is aligning the final elements for an auspicious debut in the first quarter. The airline’s preparation is a masterclass in strategic planning, with Sarasin detailing the meticulous assembly of regulatory clearances, operational infrastructure, technological advancements, and an elite team poised to redefine the passenger experience.

RC founder and CEO Patee Sarasin
RC founder and CEO Patee Sarasin.

Amid a world recovering from the travel paralysis induced by the pandemic, RC’s emergence is impeccably timed. As Sarasin points out, the resurgence in global air travel isn’t a mere rebound; it’s a robust revival. Major carriers have shaken off the fiscal desolation of the past three years, and now, as profitability soars, the stage is set for RC to enter the arena. Drawing on data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which forecasts a substantial $9.8 billion net profit for global airlines in 2023, Sarasin envisions RC riding the crest of this wave.

The operational cornerstone for RC is acquiring the Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT), anticipated by January next year. This crucial endorsement will grant RC the wings to operate commercially, a milestone preceded by attaining the Air Operating License this past July. This regulatory triumph underscores a future where RC’s innovative vision can take flight.

RC’s fleet will be spearheaded by the A330-300, a testament to the carrier’s dedication to excellence and sustainability. Discussions are already advancing towards incorporating next-generation aircraft like the Airbus A350 or Boeing 787, signifying a forward-looking ethos prioritising efficiency and passenger comfort.

Destinations will unfold in stages, with initial routes to vital Asian hubs such as Tokyo’s Narita airport. As the fleet expands, so will RC’s horizons, with plans to bridge Thai skies with Europe’s lesser-known gems like Georgia, fostering a rich tapestry of cultural exchange and tourism.

Innovation is the lifeblood of RC. Sarasin illuminates the airline’s ethos, “We’re not just any airline – we’re a revolution in the making.” This philosophy is evident in introducing services that promise to disrupt the status quo: door-to-door luggage delivery, a trailblazing loyalty program, and the innovative ReallyCool US Digital Membership—an interactive platform that empowers travellers to curate their journey with unparalleled flexibility and value.

RC’s business acumen extends beyond the skies. Sarasin underscores the strategic diversification of the RC brand into a plethora of ventures, transcending the traditional boundaries of aviation. This expansive vision promises a brand as ubiquitous as it is versatile, creating additional revenue streams and mitigating the inherent risks of airline operations.

In the stirring words of Sarasin, “So the sky is the limit.” As RC gears up for its grand debut, the invitation to experience the difference is extended to all at www.reallycoolairlines.com, where the future of air travel is not just arriving—it’s beginning.




Written by: Supaporn  Pholrach (Joom)







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